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  1. I am trying to create a database of .pk6 files of pokemon that were Exclusive to X, Y, OR and AS. I am in middle of creating a database for OR exclusive, i am trying to catch every pokemon by myself, so no hacks or cheats..and they will all be sent to box and will never be used.. making them all untouched. I am looking for a similar list for x, y and as.. Here r the pokemon that are exclusive to x/y: http://www.serebii.net/xy/exclusives.shtml Here r the pokemon that are exclusive to or/as: http://www.serebii.net/omegarubyalphasapphire/exclusives.shtml Your help would be really helpful. Please make sure they r all caught and not bred, please make sure they are not traded, please make sure they are not genned, please make sure they are all untouched, and are basically caught and stored, as to preserving their memory of being caught.. Regards.. EDIT 1: The file will have the following folders: 1. Pokemon caught in wild. 2. Pokemon obtained by in-game trade. 3. Pokemon obtained as in-game gifts. 4. Pokemon obtained via breeding. 5. Pokemon obtained via evolution with stones. 6. Pokemon obtained via evolution by level-up. 7. Pokemon obtained via evolution by trading. 8. Pokemon exclusive to Alpha Sapphire. **All pokemon are caught and transferred in the box, therefore none are used. **All pokemon evolutions were obtained by catching its preevolution and evolving it. ** All baby pokemon are obtained by catching a ditto, and catching its parent separately.. **NONE were edited with powersaves or any other hacking device. If you'd like to contribute to this.. pls make sure all pokemon are untouched, all evolutions are obtained by catching a separate preevolution and then evolved, the parents of all pokemon that you obtain by breeding need to be caught separately, none should be edited or genned using powersaves or any other hacking device. Thanks so much in advance **Sorry for being so so damn late. Lost my 3ds, my email and password of this website so couldnt update or anything else. then saw that this website was gone too.. THANK YOU ALL FOR BRINGING IT BACK FROM HELL!! anyways, i thought i had lost my saves too cuz i couldnt find any backups but today i was searching something on my computer and found a backup of my last save file in cybergadget folder. not sure how complete it is but everything on this file is legitimately caught! if you see a shiny, its legitimately caught. all pokemon are listed accordingly. once again not sure how complete this thing is.. i didnt look into it. just found it and thought about sharing it before i lose it again** @theSLAYER A MILLION APOLOGIES FOR BEING LATE BROTHER. Pokemon Omega Ruby.zip
  2. where there v go.. does it say when does it begin and how long will it last?
  3. http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj295/lvlann/2016-05-11_23-15-59.png could this be helpful?
  4. http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj295/lvlann/explorer_2016-05-11_22-43-26.png i am gettting this error in cyber gadget.. what does it mean?
  5. Nvm.. found we can trade any pokemon with any ability, with anu move, all legal or illegal.. via infrared! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  6. Hey guys... so i have an eng 3ds+jap 3ds and an eng cartridge plus a jap cartridge. I just finished my eng game and now want to start over with pokemon that have all illegal moves. But i can only do that in jap version. Is there any way to do the same in english version? Or anyway to transfer the illegal pokemon from jap to eng version? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  7. Go on page 57, i made a step by step video of how to do use cyber gadget and pkhex. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  8. sorry for the late reply BUT YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!! thanks for that.
  9. hey there, I use cyber save editor and pkhex, how can I inject .wc6 files into my jap game?
  10. I messed up for some reason. My save is corrupt and i have no idea how to restore the files because everything is in Jap, could you please help?
  11. You're right. So i did see 3 loading screens though first two dont finish completely, when first one if less than half way through, the second one starts, when second one is less than half way through, the third one starts, and when the third one is less than FULL way through, the screen closes and turns out it saved. the only change I made was to connect my laptop with the Ethernet cable. Thanks for the help brother.
  12. Sounds good. Will try in the evening now. Its 4am here.. work in 3 hours.. yikes! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  13. So basically if it doesnt Save, i open advanced-replace 0 with 0-click cashe to create a save file-open pkhex-under tools i open the Old save which didnt save-and export to the new save-then press read under cashe and then apply and wait for the 3 loading screens? Correct?
  14. Hmmm... i dunno if i saw 3 copying stages. Why would they crash? Any precautions i should be taking? I notices some internet issues on my laptop, could that be a reason for crashing?
  15. So a while back it was working fine, it would save as well as seen in my video but now its not saving at all!! I just dragged 3 of my old pk6 Files into pkhex-then exported into main-hilighted the saved cache on cyber editor-clicked that right box on cyber gadget window under cache-then clicked on the left box at the bottom of the same screen. It does its loading and when i check, its not saved... whyyyyyyy
  16. Ok.. how about this.. Ill get a pokebank for my english 3ds. I open my game save of my japanese 3ds and jap game via cybergadget and pkhex. I make whatever adjustments i want to(legit adjustments)..save it via pkhex and inject it into the game via cybergadget. I now inject the jap game into my english 3ds and open it via pokebank.. it should open up because pokebank isnt region locked. Now i put in the english game into my english 3ds, withdraw the pokemon frm the bank n voila.. It should work right? M making sure n asking questions cuz ill have to buy alll these things, n i really dont want to unless cybergadget works the way it did.
  17. I heard if i get an updated 3ds, or update an old 3ds it doesnt accept pkhex files. So if i make pokemon using pkhex and inject then using cyber gadget even if my 3ds is updated and newer version, it will still b able to let me use the pkhex pokemon in my game n let me trade them, provided they were legal?
  18. Guys i really need your help on this. I had 2 3ds' n both of them were broken. One was jap and the other was eng. I had two games..one was jap n the other was eng. I used to use pkhex and create pokemon and then used to inject them using cyber gadget. I have heard that we cannot do that any more and i have heard u still can. I want to buy and start creating again.. and all i want to know is does the same method still work? I stopped last year in dec.. Please help Ps: i had pokebank so i was able to transfer pokes from jap to eng and viceversa.
  19. So Ive heard that we can use this wonderful program to find out if the events we have in our possession are legit or not. I downloaded it..but its asking for a .sav. I have Cyber Gadget. Can someone please explain me how to use keysav 2 to find if my event is legit or not? please?
  20. Hello, Is there a way to extract all the animated gifs from ORAS and XY using Cybergadget, pkhex or some other program?? Many people online are looking for them and the sprites are not easily found especially the shiny and different form sprites of pokemon. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  21. lvlann

    Bypassing 510 EV's

    i was using an old version..I'm so so sorry.
  22. lvlann

    Bypassing 510 EV's

    ok... i think i got happy too soon. when i rename it to PKHaX..it allows me to give a pokemon whatever ability...but it still wouldnt allow me to "set" a pokemon up with 252EVs in all stats... what m i doing wrong?
  23. lvlann

    Bypassing 510 EV's

    OH MY GOOD GOD THANK YOU SOOO MUCH...m so happy i can cry rt now lol
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