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  1. I also can't access the Trainer Info and get the error mentioned above me. Sad since I love the fact you added default clothes as an option!
  2. Are "normal" items (meaning pretty much everything bar FC and GP) part of Game Sync or do they count towards the boxes' situation?
  3. Wouldn't it be wise to modify the Link Trade value to a very high amount to make high amounts of items and Pokemon with foreign OTs genned in look more legal? Same for the eggs hatched counter. And what exactly does the Offset-value stand for?
  4. Can sb give a hint where the cloth database starts in the hexcode to do the research on our own? I mean, after all that should already be known because of the give all hax.
  5. I just synced and didn't get a ban but the thing I was always worried about was having used the cloth hax from PkHeX to get all clothes, as it is not possible to legally have all clothes at the same time. Could it be possible to issue the option to obtain all at the same time legally obtainable clothes? It is not possible to have more than one dyed version of a cloth piece, these variations would have to be excluded. Or at least enlighten us how we can modify the cloth data on our own. I just entered a rated battle and am not banned as I did everything very cleanly and legally but I can't fix the cloth thing and think it will be part of a future ban. Plz help as soon as possible I beg you and love you.
  6. I had exactly such a problem as well. Eventually I bruteforced the save to work with many tries. Then again, I think it has something to do with wiping your save clean and then loading up your old save again via jksm. Try the following: - Backup External Data, then wipe it and try again to load the save. - Start a save in the language your old save is, play till the you can save, save, then load your old save via jksm.
  7. Let's say I load my safe onto desmume, activate an action replay code there, encounter a legendary and then catch it. Will this legendary be in any way altered from a normal encounter? I'm not quite sure how these codes work, but afaik they should just remove the trigger that marked these pokemon as caught and so there should be no difference...
  8. It has trash bytes, but good luck getting an answer to the specifics. Yes, Pkhex does them automatically, that does not mean tho that they are legal. For pre Gen 6 use Pokegen for trash bytes, for Gen 6 and 7 maybe Kapho will answer one day. You can assume tho that pre Gen 6 trash bytes created by Pkhex are 100% not legal. Then again, Gamefreak does not care at all for this.
  9. Whenever I edit the OT/ID of a mon and save it, Pkhex automatically creates a Not-OT for the save's trainer and a residency for the pokemon location prior to the OT/ID change. However, when I look at all the mons I wondertraded, not a single one has a residency. Is Pkhex wrong here? It's quite weird tho, because what purpose has the residency tab then?
  10. PKHeX offers the ability to redo events but I'm not sure how the four gift/trade pokemon triggers are handled. I'm talking about the Porygon one and alike. Can someone share the values? Thanks.
  11. I'm just asking for a quality discussion of pre x/y times, when rng abuse still was a thing. I don't care for ethics or "it does not matter". I just want to know if these things still interfere with making perfect hacks. And yes, I just mix up legit with legal and I'm ashamed, but let's not get on my level in this regard. Opening is fixed. If you are against making hacks undetectable that's fine, but please don't use this thread to spout out your agenda. I'm also fully aware of GF not caring for this. They don't even care for obvious hacked balls (dream ball aegislash in VGC), but I care, hence this thread. Trash bytes still exist in PKHeX, it just calculates them in the back. Please don't answer when you got no clue. That bulbapedia link looks interesting, but I don't think it proves that PID in Gen 6/7 is truly only connected to shinyness, even when PKHeX treats it so. Thanks already for your quick answers guys. :]
  12. I just want to be sure. :] Do Gen 6 and/or 7... ... use extra bytes? ... have special trash bytes or are PKHeX ones 100% legal? ... have special PIDs or is PKHeX PID generator 100% legal? ... have special encryption constants or are PKHeX ones 100% legal? Legal obviously here means what it did for all generations: hacked, but identical to legits. I'm thinking of the special PID generations of Gen 3 to 5 which made legal PIDs quite annoying to accomplish (legal PIDs, not just working ones). In the past it was kinda unknown but I watched Kaphotics and SciresM newest Battle RNG so I guess you guys have the knowledge now. Thanks for your honest answers.
  13. Well, today I installed menuhax homebrew via the browserexploit and randomized my Pokemon Y game. Also installed svdt and everything works basically (except online functionality ofc). If I would downgrade to 9.2 now and set up a separate firmware for online functionality, do I have to wipe all my achieved progress like menuhax first then? Also, is everything like hans and alike working on 9.2/custom firmware just as it is working right now or do I have to cut some functionality? And why is 9.4 not enough to set up custom firmwares? And why would you not recommend to follow this guide (https://gbatemp.net/threads/guide-getting-arm9loaderhax.417719/) to directly install arm9? Is it really that more risky?
  14. Let's say I stay on my firmware (9.4.0-21E) and buy a second 3DS for playing. Will there be any problems by using my old 3DS for genning in this case? ----> ---> 1. Is it likely that Sun/Moon will be able to be browser injected? 2. When I move my gamecard from my old 3DS to the new one and there update THE GAME to a new version, will this affect the usability of the game once i put it back into my old 3DS to gen? As far as I know patches only get saved on the SD card and not the game card itself, so it should work? 3. But if I dont transfer the SD card, will my progress be saved accross the two systems? 4. As far as I know the browser injection works off by accessing a website hosted by project pokemon. In case this service gets taken down, where can I access these files to setup an own little server for my needs just in case? 5. Let's say I install homebrew on my current version and then firmwareupdate, will I no longer be able to access homebrew even after being installed? You say you gotta make a custom rom, but I guess that severly hinders your online compatability of your system? Or is the custom firmware separate to your real firmware?
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