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  1. Would A-save v1.23 do a better job of doing Gen 3 PIDs ?
  2. You'll need PKhex and your save game. Soundhax as well. It's very very easy to do many videos on Youtube showing what to do.
  3. Seems to have nothing to do with Genning pokemon. Its more about the Dex and items
  4. Heads up it can only learn moves from gen 3. Google is your friend there
  5. Pkhex makes up pids for gen 6 and 7 that are vaild. But it cant do gen 3,4 and 5. Pokegen can how ever, if you know what method to use. I just made it in pokegen and pasted the file in to pkhex
  6. Here you go 798 - Kartana - A39648C3156C.pk7
  7. Information I've found from msging people that are banned Seems to be linked to the Dex and or Items. Most likely Using PKHex to fill in the Dex. If you don't link your game to an account they can't see any of your information you'll (Should) be fine. Starting the game fresh removes the ban, Using an old save file seems to also remove the ban if it's before you linked your account (Not 100% sure)
  8. Pokemon always turn out alola form in sun and moon sadly when breeding. Or so I'm told.
  9. Sorry I'm on my phone won't be able to get a pid. You will want to use pokegen set to the right method. To get one or find one on a forum Edit: Home now. Heres a quick Mew I made for you. Your free to edit the moves and level DON'T TOUCH the Iv's or nature or shinyness (PID Linked information) as you'll make it non legal. 151 ★ - ミュウ - C01616AFE74D.pk7
  10. Where to start. Invalid PID. Invalid Move set. You'll never get that nature with IV's and Shiny. Best off finding a PID with nature and use Hyper Training Also language is set to English that shouldn't be.
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