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  1. Im getting an issue where pokemon in the wild have there normal moves but just re-adjusted to match there level. I justed pknx to randomized all pokemon moves including wild pokemon I don't know if it is important but there was a folder in the randomizer files called archive, inside was a file with a jibberish name, this folder crashes my switch when I load the randoizer so I removed it from my sd card
  2. Thanx thats perfect cuz my pc disnt have a cd drive Also guys, yesterday i bought a Japanese copy of pokemon on ebay, the seller (all his 100+ reveiws are all positive) said that the copy had a save file still on it, so if im to trust him (i have no reason not to) then it will work on pokemon bank on my European 3ds (yey ill save money on not having to but a Japanese 3ds ^^) but also ik i need cyber save editor, my question is what version cuz theres 2 for 3ds, cyber save editor or cyber save editor 2, id thing that its a no brainer and i should get the second version cuz that 1 will be more likely to get updates and stuff but thinking about it, the pkhex might only work with the origanal, so what version is compatable and if both are compatable there there any reason that one versiin is better than the other?
  3. When i was trying to parshaly (spelling) decript my sav the morning following sciresM's guide, one of the instuctions was to use save1keystream.bin with your current save file using xorfiles.exe, then just trim the header of the newly make file to access pkhex, the file that the brute force app was supost to make is called savekey1.bin and it sounded like it was a better version of save1keystream.bin and can be used in the same way, so if i can't get the brute force app working, but can at least get the file it creates then it should still be possible to use that with my save on xorfiles.exe just the same as before where i trim it and if im right that will create a 100% decrypted powersaves bin file, ofcouse i know nothing about any of this stuff and may just be talking gabage
  4. as far as I know all I need is the save1key.bin file, the file the brute forcer is meant to give you when you combined the save1keystream.bin a powersaved new game file and a masted balled edited powersaves new game file 2gether, I don't really need the app to work, is anybody got that file who is willing to upload a copy to the internet for me please?
  5. never mind im way past this point, im now unable to get the brute forcer the work, im got everything else working perfect, I also emailed the guy who made the brute forcer as the application said to do so in the failed message
  6. Im a but stuck aswell You can now use this to open a save in PKHeX! If you want to open a save, XOR save1keystream.bin with the powersaves backup of whatever save you want to check out (I recommend*http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/xorfiles.html*), and then delete the first 0x9C bytes in a hex editor (I use HxD). Save the file with the 0x9C header removed, and you can open it in PKHeX totally fine:*http://i.snag.gy/x2jJ8.jpg Deos this mean i need to use xorfiles.exe and put save1keystream.bin in sav box one and the modded save in save box 2? Or is it the other way round or do you use another file in 1 of there save boxes and also deos it matter what the destination file is? I do know to remove 0x9c from the final powersaves save file can be edited on pkhex so it can read it
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