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  1. Is the Footprint Ribbon actually obtainable in Sword/Shield? The legality checker in PKHeX says it can while Serebii claims its transfer only, I tired looking for an NPC in game that gives it to double check but couldn't find one.
  2. I've been meaning to post this for a few weeks but real life got in the way. https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/information/d2a91700-a97e-46b2-91e7-46f8637f6706 Back on the 24th-25th of September these QR Code rental teams of the top players who attended Worlds 18 were posted to the Global Link site, I dumped the Pokemon using Battle Videos and have placed them in the attached zip file. Pokémon WCS2018.zip
  3. Perfectly fine with me, I can be patient. The only other thing I would want would be an easier way to scroll through the Trainer ID numbers as if you wanted to use a specific one for some reason it can take a while. I completely understand if its too difficult to program though.
  4. Yeah guess not, maybe it will be implemented later.
  5. Is there a way to edit the Viridian City Trainer House data with the Mystery Gift rom as while I see the data for a team it seems to be read only.
  6. I asked Kaphotics if PKHeX would need any specific updates for loading beta Gold/Silver saves and he said this: "PKHeX won't support the beta versions due to the amount of differences from the retail games."
  7. Looks like you got your wish @ajxpk as beta Silver has been leaked.
  8. I think they were also trying to clean up the roms as they were quite buggy, they don't even run on emulators like bgb or Gambatte without hex editing the rom.
  9. I want to make this post to clear up a few things as I think its important to know. Where did the beta versions of G/S come from you may ask? Someone posted this anonymously: According to the group who was working on this the original plan was to fully document the betas and release an English translation alongside it which was estimated to take around a month maybe less. An anonymous poster however didn't want the Pokemon fandom to wait a month and leaked the beta Gold rom, the plan now unless something changed while I was asleep is to keep working and release the beta Silver with everything else as per the original plan. The Super Game Boy Boarder for beta Silver looks neat doesn't it?
  10. @jojo12100 Unfortunately that picture is the only one, the current theory I have if it is indeed real is that Game Freak was using those Pokemon in the party for testing purposes for one reason or another, possibly to test the demo to make sure it was working and they forgot to take them out. This wouldn't be the first time they made use of Eternal Floette for testing purposes as we have seen this before with Pokemon Bank: Hopefully someone who was there eventually steps forward with some more information as that picture was all I could find on this. I'll keep an eye out for more information though.
  11. Something interesting that popped up today, someone posted this picture that supposedly shows a Pokemon Sun and Moon demo stand at Milan Games Week in Italy that features a shiny Eternal Floette of all things in the party: I think it could be true as it doesn't look fake. Sadly I doubt it would ever be possible to get a hold of this but at least we have the picture to show off this oddity. The O.T. being different then the one in the e-Shop demo does seem odd but the person who posted this claimed it was part of a pre made team as opposed to being caught in the demo. Perhaps this is a different demo version they put together for Milan Games Week?
  12. To activate Mega Evolution at the start of the game in Sun/Moon check the Unlock Mega checkbox under the Misc tab in the Trainer Info menu in PKHeX. You probably shouldn't use Game Sync afterwards though as Mega Evolution is meant to be post game.
  13. I'm surprised this wasn't posted as you got your wish @jojo12100 I wonder if it would be possible to do something similar with the Game Director in Celadon by having him do an in game trade for showing a complete Pokedex as a way to distribute the VC Mew to get around the wrong OT and ID problem. I've attached the .py files to this post in case the download limit is hit on the dropbox link. Included are both the updated Mew Truck Virus that works with Python 2 and 3 as well as another version of the updated virus that has the Pokemon editor from the previous video. To use the Pokemon editor press B+Select in any Pokemon Center, remember that the virus with the editor will take longer to transmit on the trade screen. convert_sav_to_mew_truck_virus.py convert_sav_to_mew_truck_virus_with_pokegen.py
  14. I must have been mistaken then as I thought that they also connected to Nintendo's servers for the actual wondercard data with the custom server being used to bypass things like needing a certain serial code. Oh well, my mistake.
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