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  1. Like said,a lot of people out there, like me, have not yet bought PokeBank, so this is a nice method for those without it. Thanks and this method is 100% success, obvious.
  2. Well, this sucks. D: I wish the events would hurry back up. .-.
  3. Yeah, and considering the way to use PowerSave is also a plus for those without carts. Maybe we should open a PowerSave Exchange for events like Diancie, etc.?
  4. I didn't know people have been doing this, I thought of this all by myself. Guess someone did before me, anyway, yeah, Smitty is right, but, what is possible, you can exchange corresponding (Pokemon X/PokemonY) PowerSave backups! Then people can apply the backup to their game! First, they would need to backup their current save game, then apply someone with the events to their cartridge, then trade the events over an IR Trade to another console, then restore back their previous save game, then trade the events to their game!
  5. I hope so, because then we could start seeing more competitive battles with Volcanion. Still looking for testers of this theory!
  6. I would think, they need to be clone over a IR Trade, then traded over Wi-Fi. EDIT: Follow this method on a offline trade. Then trade over Wi-Fi the clone.
  7. Yes, I would assume you can. Someone needs to test it first. I do not have any unreleased, so any takers?
  8. They would be great! We need to round up some people with them! This cloning method would also make it easy to clone multiple ones quickly.
  9. I do not sadly. The codes were taken down before I got to use them. :c If anyone has them, a clone would be great to distribute!
  10. I mainly clone things my friends and I are breeding. Item duplication isn't anything I do really, but I have both Pokemon X and Y so I like to keep copies of my Pokemon on both. Lol.
  11. I wouldn't consider myself very versed in that. I work more on internet languages, like HTML, CSS, etc. Not much for C+, etc.
  12. Yeah, I know that, but this is a great alternate for those who neglect to purchase a PokeBank Pass, like myself, I have not got around to it. Till then, this suffices. And, on note, if you were to make a clone of all 936 Box slots, and try to trade them back after you restore, you may want to upload them to PokeBank. Or have a additional game.
  13. I have a older account here, but I cannot remember the Login information, otherwise I could because I remember having PMs with him. I think it began with a W. I will see if I can log in to my old account and find it. EDIT: Okay, I found his name and I managed to log back into my previous account. His Username: willaien Here is a link to his Member Page: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/member.php?21479-willaien Hope this helps!
  14. Yes, he does! He has one here, I helped him once when Nintendo's servers updated a while back. I was more of the lab rat. I cannot remember his account name, but here is his contact information: leighshryock@yahoo.com
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