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  1. My idea basically combines a favorite franchise of mine with a genre of gaming that I personally love. For a while, I have wondered what a zombie apocalypse would be like in the Pokemon universe. Would unaffected trainers have to search for un-infected Pokemon? Would wild and captured Pokemon be forced to slaughter re-incarnated humans? When thinking, I had one problem. Would a zombie virus infect the Pokemon, or the trainers? Then it dawned on me; a realm where only one of those factors remained was already around. The Mystery Dungeon spinoffs. And the idea of Explorers of Life was thought up. I am willing to let others make the ROM, I only make ideas. It would start like Explorers of Sky, with the quiz, followed by the aura thing. You awaken on a beach, thinking you're still a human. Your partner(:creep:) arrives and things get different. A single Krabby is making bubbles as a signal for surviving Pokemon. :creep: sees you, sets down a bag of supplies, and asks "What kind of idiot are you?! Just lying in the sand like that!" You tell :creep: that you're a human, and partner says, "You really are an idiot, you're just a (starter)! ... Well, what's your name, I can't keep calling you idiot." You say name, looters (Koffing and Zubat) steal :creep:'s supplies, you get them back after a very small amount of pokemon appear in Beach Cave, :creep: takes you to the camp. That's all I have plotwise, other than some notes about a possesed Dialga and a rival camp.
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