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  1. I think NSSVelocity and Rykin122 are the ones that did the 1st town, so give them credit too. All of the trainer tip and road signs will be finished today. The signs in the towns and cities will take longer.
  2. The first town is mostly complete, and I'm working on everything up to 3rd town today. I'll probably do the first gym also if I get to it...
  3. Sorry Shadow_steve but I changed 260 in the story git to match the previous games. Egg Hatching
  4. Found another bug. The game freezes when you try to go to the GL: Battle Tournament screen.
  5. For some reason it keeps failing when I try to sync with the main story git :frown:
  6. This is awesome! Now we can test out our stuff before we decide to put it on the git!
  7. Quick question guys. In the US games there were bulletin boards that gave us advice. Did they always start with "Trainer Tips" ?
  8. I use the Supercard DSONEi. Maybe it has something to do with the flashcart. Were you trying to transfer or shift from a Japanese D/P/Pt/HG/SS game?
  9. I used the GTS, Transfer Machine and Pokeshifter with a flashcart. I haven't tried any though with the V2 patch.
  10. I don't think it can be done from your computer. You would need a flashcart.
  11. Probably if they have a Supercard DSTWO, which automatically fixes the Anti-EXP gain problem.
  12. Hey guys I need a small favor. Can you talk to this girl for me and see if she says something different than in the picture? It might only be different if you haven't done the Zoroark event. She's at the gate between Route 16 and Raimon City.
  13. There will definitely be more. I'm getting more excited to work on this now! Lol
  14. There are links to error submission and typo submission pages on the very first post. And besides at least you have an idea of what's going on now.
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