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  1. http://github.com/soneek/Pokemon-Black-White-Story-Translation-Files/blob/master/0000/0023.txt BTW if you release a patch now, V5 might not be as epic :creep:
  2. Your R4 probably automatically fixes the anti-EXP gain problem, so you might have to patch with the EXP if you wanna gain experience in Desmume.
  3. I see some stuff about Iris and Shaga in 425, maybe it's for when one of them teaches your Pokemon Draco Meteor?
  4. Thanks. So it looks like 202 in the main files is for learning moves. It's just a pain trying to get everything out of SoulSilver to fit in the right spots lol
  5. Google translate is good for reference, or translating some Katakana if you can't read it. It's not too good to copy and paste what Google translate says though in most cases.
  6. If it's too much to get on AIM, I'm on the IRC channel too. BW Translation IRC You shouldn't have to install anything, most likely.
  7. Sorry that wasn't meant directly for you, just in general for everyone, cause some people were doing it for huge files and messing stuff up. You could use Google Translate to find what you're looking for I guess, but there's easier ways to do it. If you have AIM, IM me and I can help you out with that. BTW no prob for the sig:kikkoman:
  8. Just copy the URL of the image. BTW a couple of people are doing this so I think I need to make a point. If you're helping translate the game, YOU CAN'T COPY AND PASTE FROM GOOGLE TRANSLATE OR ANY OTHER AUTO TRANSLATION PROGRAM! It really screws up the flow of everything, and if we accidentally merge your stuff, it's harder to fix everything.
  9. He can come here if he wants. And it would be good to specify what parts of the game specifically have Japanese and English text accidentally mixed together, so we can fix it.
  10. Sorry Velocity I got disconnected from Piratepad chat for some reason, but yeah I made small changes as you were lol
  11. It's lines 542-544 that are supposed to be for Shadow Force. The last 3 lines you have here.
  12. Ohhhh ok. Time to go to Notepad++:cool: EDIT: Alright this is gonna take a little while EDIT2: Alright updated with my lines
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