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  1. No, that is normal and they are legal. Only the Korean language have the moves programmed in the data for Keldeo with WCID 69.
  2. Location is wrong. It is a Pokemon event not Pokemon movie. 700 - Sylveon - 9E87B0ED5801.pk6
  3. I don't see these so here you go. 12160 Entei.pcd 12160 Raikou.pcd
  4. Thank you for the report. Sabresite are you able to download it now?
  5. I didn't know that my previous PCNY from Pokemon Secure are hacked they were checked out by DarkDragonite a long time ago. I also only found these 2 PCNY conserved after looking through my old usb stick and I have no idea if these are legit or not now. I would like to apologize in advance for any contribution of these that turned out hacked as it has been such a long time and thank Sabresite for clarity. Thank you all and have a good day. ^^ PCNYa Gloom.pkm PCNYb Staryu.pkm
  6. Thank you for the clarification Sabresite. I would also like to share out some PCNY I have from years ago. ^^ I also had a PCNYb Cacturne but I might have lost it. >o< 00018_PCNYd_Salamence_Sassy_Female_English_5-26-2007_Mischievous_HP 165_.pkm 00057_PCNYb_Duskull_Docile_Male_English_8-24-2007_Likes to thrash about_HP 81_.pkm 00058 PCNYb Shuppet - Modest Nature - Aug. 24, 2007 - Likes to run - UT.pkm
  7. Anyone else getting an error? Re-uploading now. Amity Field (K).pcd
  8. I got my hands on French and Spanish variants. 528 - Vous obtenez 5 Super Potions !.wc6 528 - ¡Has recibido cinco Superpociones!.wc6 529 - Vous obtenez 5 Rappels !.wc6 529 - ¡Has recibido cinco Revivir!.wc6 530 - Ouah ! 10 Rapide Balls !.wc6 530 - ¡Chachi! ¡Diez Veloz Balls!.wc6
  9. Sharing PCD. 018 E-Mart Member Card.pcd
  10. Hacked because yours does not hold Dragon Fang. Edit: here's mine. 17 - A Special Garchomp!.wc6
  11. Has this been confirmed to exist? Last I had been told years ago that it was a myth.
  12. Unfortunately just pk6 sorry. I got them i trades if you want them.
  13. Here's one missing university I had lying around. Kyushu Slowpoke.pgf
  14. The Wonder Card file itself is hacked.
  15. Yes that's what I was referring to.
  16. I don't know what you're saying or if you even properly read what I said. Anyone who manages this, please remove the faulty file.
  17. Hacked because they don't mirror the distributed moves in relearn moves. I noted this when viewing my own files in Pkhex that it tells me to remove them from the relearn slots to be legal. https://projectpokemon.org/forums/files/file/1910-0140-oras-コロコロ-shiny-rayquaza-jpn/ https://projectpokemon.org/forums/files/file/1911-0143-oras-ポケセン-vivillon-poké-ball-forme-jpn/ https://projectpokemon.org/forums/files/file/1908-0144-oras-メガトウキョ-shiny-pikachu-ha-jpn/
  18. Yours is hacked sorry to say. As evident by the text in the photo you have. Yours says: ジャンプフェスタ2017 ぎんのおうかん The official title says: ジャンプフェスタ2017 ぎんのおうかん You can see that there is no fullwidth in "2017" & there are 3 spaces in between the words. 206 - ジャンプフェスタ2017 ぎんのおうかん.wc7
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