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  1. I'm pretty sure you could just use any compatible USB WiFi adapter. Though redirecting through a router to another client might work too, just take some more effort in finding the ip address to redirect to.
  2. I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure we don't need to know what's going on inside the servers, we just need the know enough to trick the game into thinking a personal computer is one of Nintendo's servers, which might be doable with some communication logs between the servers and the game. That might be enough to turn game synch into a item-and-pokemon dispenser the way the GTS can be used to give ourselves custom pokemon. If we can get that much, a replacement dream world could be created at the leisure of whoever wants to work on it. Just make the game, and have it create a file to give to the spoofing deal.
  3. gilbmj

    Game Sync

    If you just take a cart, put it in a different DS, and use a wifi funtion, you get a new friend code, and other stuff I guess. However, you can avoid that hassle by transfering one DS's "WFC Configuration" to another DS. It's in the DS's Wi-Fi connection setup options. I've done this a couple times. When I got a DSi, and then again when my DSi got wet and needed repair. And I'll be doing it again once my replacement comes back. This isn't just to keep your friend code the same, it also copies over all the network settings, so you don't have to Re-enter stuff like WEP keys.
  4. All I want is the Game Sync protocols or whatever deciphered so that down the road some kind of legacy support for growing berries and obtaining dream world Pokemon exists past December 9th. The end result can be a totally different homebrew game that takes place on Prospit or Derse for White and Black versions respectively For all I care.
  5. Ripping all the flash files from the site would probably be pretty illegal, But I'm not convinced a non-commercial replica that offers legacy support steps outside of "fair use." Also, Not so sure I want that close a replica. A lot of the minigames got boring fast.
  6. Has anyone been working on this? Spoofing game synch would open a big door. Key items being homebrew skins and musicals, legacy dream world function, and a more versatile pokemon creating/"cheating" option than the GTS. First off, When "waking up" a pokemon, multiple items can be sent to the game, and possibly multiple pokemon as well. Also, some people just want to keep playing the dream world game, despite the nearing closure. So someone could make a pseudo legit replica. And finally, unless all that stuff was just "on cart" unlocks, a game synch spoof allows users to potentially have ANYTHING as a skin for the c-gear or pokedex. As well as possiby custom musicals. The thing is, I'm no hacker, and I can't even figure out how to get a man in the middle log going. I'm hoping we can get some logs of communication between the games and servers before closure comes, because I'm under the impression that kind of data will be very useful, or even essential for making spoofing possible. The official servers will stop allowing pokemon to be tucked in on December 10th. Until then, any game card already registered will be able to tuck in pokemon, play dream world, and essentially, all the functions of game synch will work. After that date, servers will allow only ONE final game synch to download the tucked-in pokemon if any along with items and pokemon from dream world, and customization settings along with it. So basically, is anyone already working on this? Can anyone direct me to user-friendly hack tools to get communication logs for my game?
  7. I kind of brought up the next best thing in another thread about the dream world. Basically, if we get the data needed to spoof Game Synch function the way it's already possible to spoof the GTS, the various functions of game synch will be open to a homebrew recreation. This could be a replica that follows the original as closely as possible, or a full-re inventing that plays different, as well as truly custom C-gear and pokedex skins. I think I may make a more targeted thread for game synch spoofing.
  8. Well, thankfully I misread the shutdown schedule, and game synch will work normally until December 10th, when tucking in pokemon is disabled. Currently the servers will not accept any new registration of cartridges. And it seems tomorrow I'll be getting the old USB antenna. So now I can just make a dedicated network and log all data the DS sends and receives, as it will be the sole client. Would it be redundant To make a game synch spoofing thread, as dream world is just one function of it?
  9. Thanks for the helpful explanation. I'm assuming the most efficient way to do that would be to connect my DS directly to my computer, with a wireless card or adapter, though I don't have the hardware for that right now. I'm more likely to try catching it through my router's LAN first.
  10. Thin is, I need to find SOMETHING about how the GTS mimicry works, If that's even applicable to dream world interactions. Basically, I want to know if data logging actual communications between he GTS and games will be vital to fooling the games, and how to do that.
  11. That's a big part of what I was thinking. Legacy support. Though with the same type of trickery, It's also good for people who might want to just send themselves batches of items the way you can mimic the GTC to send yourself pokemon. Support for community features (visiting other islands, dream pals) will require actual servers, but what I have in mind is something you can just run on your own computer to play most of the role. Almost certainly without the one hour a day limit since there's no shared bandwidth issue and because you won't be able to have friends water your berries.
  12. I'm interested in this type of project. What kind of data is needed to create a program that pretends to be a dream world server to trick the game? Will it require decrypting communications between the server and game or something else that needs to be done before the servers go down?
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