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  1. Um, none of the stores have pokeballs yet so you're limited to expensive ass dusk balls and the first 5 pokeballs you get iirc
  2. This is simply amazing! I will be sure to keep my eye on this. If you need minor help like area encounters I am able to help and nitpick, other than that, you have great things ahead of you :grog: EDITL apparantly this hack isn't working on my R4 which is sad, but I hope you can fix it in the future :bidoof:
  3. Thanks man that really helped, although that list is for Gen V and i want it for gen IV all I had to do is add a I in the URL and it worked like a charm. So a question about the rest of it after the whole first setvar what do I put after that on the second setvar? and should the call stay the same. Sorry I only got into scripting a little while ago and I looked aroung for a HGSS scripting thread and I didn't see one , so I have to rely on you for this little part. EDIT: Alright figured out that you don't need to change anything else except the number at the end of the first SetVar
  4. Hello once again P-pokemon, basically what's happening is when I script items, I know which ones are the ones that I find off of already existing NPCS becuase I can find what item matches the script by looking into the in-game. But lets say I want to make someone give you a lucky egg yet i don't know which person gives you Lucky Egg so I have to figure out what script is the lucky egg WITHOUT looking at a another NPC, for example I found this to be the script for GB sounds by looking at drayano's hack: Setvar 0x8004 502 Setvar 0x8005 1 Callstd 241 7 how could i figure out any other item?
  5. Try re-downloading the your white 2 and the VW2 patch then patch that new rom and then import your old save file, if that fails, talk to drayano by PM.
  6. Ok thanks, that will definatly help with OTHER battles, but really I'm looking for a way to make it like with gym battles where they are still there, but they don't battle you. I'll probably mess around with falkners scripts 'till I get this one right. although that ended up crashing it last time, it's the only thing I have. THanks, Your post helped a lot for later but it's not what I'm looking for right now. EDIT: I believe that the script part for checking if you won/lost was CheckTrainerLost 0x800c If 0x800c 0 CheckLR 1 func_2 I checked protons leave script and it worked... Until I enterd the room again (protons script is: Fadescreen 6 1 0 0 Resetscreen Removepeople 1 Setflag 425 Return 20 0x8004 Fanfare 1538 WaitFanfare 1538 Fadescreen 6 1 1 0 Resetscreen ) I maybe missing to add somehing from his script but I can't put my finger on it
  7. Hey there people of project pokemon readin g this. Now I was messing around with scripting through PPRE for Gen 4, and my new trainer script worked great thanks to some old forum digging: [video=youtube;CdAMY1uNJ9w] HOWEVER now I can infinitely rebattle him when I only want him to be battled once, I'm wondering how to make it only be battled once, I'll put the script at the end of this post: Lockall Faceplayer Message 39 WaitButton CloseMsgOnKeyPress TrainerBattle 19 0 1 Message 40 WaitButton CloseMsgOnKeyPress Releaseall End
  8. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Hey it's dat guy, I was stalking the old PPRE threads for messing around with older betas and I saw your post, so hey!~DG</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  9. Nice job, I was going to make a HGSS hack with a kind of RBY theme(RBY 2: New Adventures (a jhoto adventure with Red and friends and with kanto gyms placed in spots in kanto)) and still am(although before I saw this thread) I love the idea please continue it, I am at least decent at 5th gen editing (at least except TMs/HMs PLUS I can do move edits) so I could help if you need the help just PM me the patch love this so far, DON'T LET THIS DIE, my thread simply died because I thought nuzlocke forums was a better place for it and its updates.
  10. ~~Pokémon Nightmare Black 2~~ Hack of: Pokemon Black 2(Pokemon Bliss White 2 will be coming out when V1.0 of Nightmare B2 comes out) Current Version: Beta 2.0(Public Beta 1, although I am actualy nearly at full version 1 in actual editing but in terms of uploading I havn't updated the download link in a while) Last Updated: May 25th, 2013 ~~What is this hack/Welcome~~ Pokemon Nightmare Black 2 is a hack where instead of making every pokemon available, I make a patch of amazing pokemon available every route, although not overpowered. And the main thing about this game is how it delivers its difficulty(which is quite high) in different ways at the same time, mainly gym leaders for example; have AIs at starting with 165 for Gym 1 DAYUM! and combined that they have the top quality pokemon like standard sets for some pokes and annoying sets for others or just powerful sets for some, combine that with the fact that they don't just have for example "water/flying then water/ground" for Gym 1, he has the newly made into Water/Dragon Dratini with dragon dance and a good attacking set! Combine that with the fact that the levels are no joke and this hack will be a trip to hell yet a glorious glimpse at heaven after you beat a gym without losing a pokemon. ~~Features/Progress~~ Beta as a whole(only goes up to your first Colress Battle) Trainers(up to Colress)(including gyms and their sprite changes)-92%(Missed one trainer in the begining battling(route 20) route and the castelia sewers runts) Wild Edited Pokemon-85%(Missed the castelia outside and sewers) Editing of the pokemon- 95%(missed route 4) Editing pokemon movesets- 25%(only got starters and route 1) ~~Screenshots~~ ~~Credits~~ KazoWar- His tools changed this hack so much especially in terms of spriting and trainer editing The Creators of PRC(I will find their names/usernames later)- Their rom editor changed this romhack so much , 75% of this hack wouldn't have been able to work without PRCs help, especialy with move edits like Lunar Dance. Drayano60- For giving me inspiration and giving me an example to look at(BB2 VW 2) you sir(@ DRAYANO) are a BOSS, I hope you see this, if not , ok. Kaphotics-The inspiration I had to make it in Gen 5 with him to look up to as a fellow Rom hacker and his hacks to see to see that if he can do huge scripting events like the Chargestone Cave HACKED vid then I can make a small editing hack(although very different in skill as he far surpasses me) And Last but not least Nintendo, it's pretty obvious why LOL. ~~Closure and Notes~~ Well I hope you enjoy this beta and future installments of this hack and possibly other upcoming hacks from me after this if I end up enjoying this, also there is no documentation for this beta since I want people to make new discoveries on their own. Also the gym leaders names will be changed to fit with the new list of leaders for this game next update and the protagonists sprites will look different; different design too obviously . Anyway I hope you enjoy this hack that is all from Oiawesome for today unless I can get the next update done under 1 hour and 11 minutes which would be impossible lol.Anyway I hope you enjoy~~ Patch Link:https://www.dropbox.com/s/jm085vuj7eyejfk/Pokemon%20Nightmare%20Black%202%28Beta%202%29.rar ~~Help could be useful~~ Hey guys I have one more thing to add: Help could be useful; as I need a little help with making non animating trainer sprites and editing scripts like for instance Cheren giving you work up; I did pretty much all of the hacking so far with no help from anything exept the tools so yeha it is not going to be the fastest thing; Things that you can help with or volunteer help if you want: - Script Editing like Gym leaders giving you an item - Editing/finding where in the damn PPTXT I could find the list of Gym leader names for battle/trainer names for battle so I can edit gym names for this hack - Making non animating Trainer sprites/making sprites not animate
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