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  1. @ Poryhack, yes I am just dragging 1 sav and PCD file. P.S We are looking forward for a PCD safe compatible with HG/SS
  2. Ive tried importing a wonder card into my HG .sav file but everytime I do that I always get this message: and so on.....Btw, both of the PCD and sav files were selected then dragged into the .exe The same problem occured when I was editing my Platinum sav.
  3. Hello guys, I am just wondering if it is possible to trade pkmns from Platinum to Heart Gold using the no cash 2.6a emulator ? Because everytime I interact with the other trainer, the game always freezes. Ive already tried all of the possible solutions in youtube but none of them worked .....btw I am using KazoWar's 5.0 patch.
  4. Whenever I catch a pokemon, the text box always says: " X" (where x is the name of the pokemon) was sent to Bebe's PC. BEBE must be changed to BILL coz he is the administrator of the PC boxes in HG/SS.
  5. ive managed to import the blacksrceenfix code using the r4cce program into my EDGE's cheats.dat file but unfortunately the "do you want to activate cheat codes" option did not appeared(Coz that option must appear if a specific game have cheat codes in the cheats.dat) when I clicked my Heart Gold rom. Btw I turned the "enable cheats" option on in the settings menu.....So are there any possible solutions to my problem ?
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