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  1. Pokedex Translation i found 2 Words On Selecting the Unova,National or Locations,It Only Have Translate Unova,National and Location its on Japanese
  2. Hello, The thing is that i need to edit this type of Graphic, This: To: I Need the location of the narcs Please for B2 y W2 and B y W Regards,
  3. I was thinking about some good feature on previous Pokemon. You can put a Selection of Kana or English on the Setting of the Pokemon Names. So if you want Kana you will have it on Settings or English too. Regards,
  4. Hola,Yo les puedo ayudar,Aunque la Version de soneek va muy avanzada podemos alcanzarla. Cualquier Cosa MP!
  5. Migue4e


    Hey,I Made a Update to de Spanish Trans,Cauz im Spanish Note: This is no te Final Version,Just This for Now. Note2: It Have a lot of things to translate,i will do it later. Regards, Migue4e Spanish Languaje &.rar
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