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  1. Never mind. I eventually realized I had some old backups I had made using PowerSaves, so I loaded those on my cartridged, then exported them using JKSM, and now I have one that is from just before the Elite 4.
  2. I want to stream Omega Ruby gameplay to my computer using NTR to record the cutscenes from the Delta Episode. Unfortunately I don't have any save backups from before I completed the Delta Episode, so I'd have to start a new save file from the beginning. Even if I blow through the main story using genned Pokémon it will take me longer than I really have time for. Can anyone here help me out by providing a save that has completed the Elite 4 but hasn't done any of the Delta Episode? Even one with all 8 badges and no E4 completion would be preferable to starting over from scratch. I'll even take one with just 6 or 7 badges.
  3. The x64 Windows version of the editor keeps erasing all the Pokemon in my Yellow Version's active box. Why is this happening? I have backups but it's really annoying.
  4. Was anyone ever able to solve that "This application is damaged and can't be opened." error on Mac?
  5. Yeah. I was pretty sure that was the case. I figured it couldn't hurt to try, since I haven't made any new battle videos since then.
  6. There are tons of files in that folder. I didn't remember having that many videos. I restored them all the first time, overwriting 2-4 files in each game's folder in the process, and got "The data on the SD card is corrupted". I closed the game without saving, but it had deleted and cleared that folder. So this time, I cleared the folders and restored a post-format backup (restoring those two to four files that were previously overwritten) and then restored the pre-downgrade backup WITHOUT overwriting the files that were already there. This time, both games loaded up without complaint, but when I went to my Vs. Recorder, it said I had no videos. As a further test, I put my SD card back in the computer, and the restored video files are still there. So the game just doesn't want to recognize them. Any other ideas? I have a few, but I don't think I'm allowed to mention them here.
  7. I had to reformat my 3DS recently, but I still have a backup of my SD card with my old extdata on it. Is it possible to use this to do anything with my old battle videos or are they gone forever?
  8. I don't know what is going on with the attached files. I uploaded them in the order listed and with the proper names. I think the upload tool for this website (which I had never used before yesterday) is doing something to them, because the filenames of the actual attachments to my post are different than the names of the files I actually uploaded. Perhaps the site is truncating them? I'll see what I can do about that. As for the known PokeGen error regarding Platinum saves, from what I've seen, I'm guessing that may have been the cause of this whole mess. To me, the symptoms seem to fit. Since I was trading between a SoulSilver and Platinum, it is likely that the Platinum error you mentioned is the cause. Had I been trading between a different pair of versions (e.g. SoulSilver and HeartGold) the error you mentioned probably would not have caused the symptoms I experienced. My nephew has a HeartGold version, so I might try trading between it and SS (after editing SS with PokeGen) to see what happens. If that is the cause, then it doesn't worry me much, since I don't use my Platinum very often anymore, and I edit it even less than I play it. As for the Pokedex edits you are seeing in the Platinum files, I have no clue. I'm fairly certain I didn't even touch the Pokedex editor part of PokeGen when creating those two save files. Maybe I did something to edit the Pokedex and didn't realize it. I am kind of new to PokeGen. Could these edits have something to do with the "Update Pokedex on Set" option in the Options Menu? 'Cause that option is currently checked. Again, I may be using the program incorrectly. The only thing I know for sure is I did not use the Pokedex Tool on the Tools menu when editing these files with PokeGen, and I have no clue how the Pokedex edits got into the SoulSilver files, or the ones edited with Pokesav. At any rate, I'm pretty sure this problem has something to do with the known Platinum bug you mentioned at the beginning of your post, because, come to think of it, I don't think I've ever edited my Platinum with PokeGen before yesterday. So, if you want, you can go ahead and mark this issue resolved. Thanks for your help, and thanks for making such a great program. Keep up the good work!
  9. I have run into a strange problem with PokeGen. I'm pretty sure its with PokeGen because I've meticulously ruled out everything else. Here's what is happening: It has been a month since I last used any save state editors for a Pokemon game, including PokeGen. The last time I did so, I didn't have any problems. Then, yesterday, I used my NDS Adaptor Plus to load save files from my SoulSilver and Platinum versions. I then created a copy of each of those saves to use for a little editing (I always keep a copy of the latest save that was known to work without any issues). I proceeded to edit a few things in PokeGen. In the Platinum save, I duplicated a Carvanha that was in one of my PC Boxes, and placed the duplicate into another box. On SoulSilver, I duplicated a Happiny from one box to another, as well as duplicating a shiny Misdreavus that I was lucky enough to have caught in the Safari Zone. My intention was to evolve the Happiny with an Oval Stone, and to trade the Misdreavus to Platinum in exchange for the Carvanha I had duplicated in that game. Here's where things get weird: I transferred the edited saves back to the proper game cards (which are retail versions bought brand new in North America, not R4 cards or something like that) and then booted the games, SoulSilver in my DS Lite and Platinum in my 3DS. They started up fine, with no problems whatsoever. I then moved the aforementioned pokemon from their respective PC Boxes into each game's party, and proceeded to enter the Union Room. However, the moment I walked one character (SoulSilver's) over to the Platinum character and pressed "A" to talk to him, both games displayed a blue screen that read something like this: (SoulSilver) "A communication error has occurred. Press A to return to the title screen." The message for Platinum was longer, but essentially said the same thing, except that it kicked me back to the Union Room instead of the title screen. Needless to say, since I've never had any problem like this before with save state editors, I initially suspected the problem lay with the 3DS. So, I shut off both games, and moved Platinum over to my brother's DS Lite. I repeated the trade attempt, only to get the same error message at the exact same point in the process. After that, I began to suspect a PokeGen problem. So I turned off both games, put them back in the NDS Adaptor Plus, and transferred the unedited game saves I had made at the beginning of this whole process. Then I put each game in a DS Lite and tried to trade once more. This time, I didn't get the error. I was somewhat relieved, but also puzzled. So I created new copies of my latest working saves, and edited them again with PokeGen, this time being careful not to accidentally click or change anything other than what I wanted to change. I put the games back in the systems, and entered the Union Room a third time, and as soon as I pressed "A" on the other character, I received the exact same error as before. This made me suspect a problem with PokeGen even more, because the error didn't occur when I used game saves that hadn't been edited within the last month or so, and it did occur when I used game saves that had been edited that same day. So, once again, I restored the known working game saves to their proper versions, and then proceeded to create two new copies of them, this time with Pokesav. I performed the very same edits as I had with PokeGen, then saved my work, transferred the edited saves to the game cards, and entered the Union Room for fourth time. This time, I was able to trade with no problems at all. Needless to say, I'm thoroughly confused. I hope this bug report will help me fix this problem, because I've come to prefer working in PokeGen instead of Pokesav, especially for Black and White, because my BW Pokesav doesn't have English names for Pokemon, items, places, etc. Anyway, here is some additional info to help figure this out. My version of PokeGen: 3.0.5 Operating System: Windows XP Pro with all the latest updates and working, up-to-date antivirus software Hardware: Late 2007 Apple Macbook (dual-booting Windows via Apple's Boot Camp) Also, I am including the relevant save files so you can take a look at them: Here's a list of which save file is which: These first two files are the ones that were simply a backup of Platinum and SoulSilver with no edits at all. They are known to cause no problems. Pokemon Platinum JMA 06-16-2012 01.sav Pokemon SoulSilver JMA 06-16-2012 01.sav This second set of files are the ones edited in Pokegen that were causing the communication error in the Union Room. Pokemon Platinum JMA 06-16-2012 01 Edit Pokegen.sav Pokemon SoulSilver JMA 06-16-2012 01 Edit Pokegen.sav This last set of files are the ones that were edited in Pokesav and didn't cause any problems either. Pokemon Platinum JMA 06-16-2012 01 Edit Pokesav.sav Pokemon SoulSilver JMA 06-16-2012 01 Edit Pokesav.sav Pokemon Platinum .sav Pokemon SoulSilv .sav Pokemon SoulSilv .sav Pokemon Platinum .sav Pokemon SoulSilv .sav Pokemon Platinum .sav
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