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  1. I can't even think what would cause anything like what has been happening. It seems like its connecting, then the ds signal bar goes red, gives me error 52100 and kicks me off
  2. Ok now it isn't letting me connect to the GTS at all. I have the DNS set up correctly as it was working before. The DNS log just has I've tried using the program on lan ip and external ip, and also changed DS's DNS to both local and external to match the computer. Neither is working and DS just returns error code 52100. The program isn't blocked by firewall and all the port forwarding is correct. As I said it worked prior to this update apart from the other bug
  3. It's a good program Ok shouldn't be a problem anyway. The current pokemon being sent out are the original starters. I've watched it cycle round personally. After squirtle is sent out, which is the last pokemon in the folder, the next time someone connects Windows gives me the error "Shiny2 has stopped working". I'm running Win7 Professional SP1.
  4. You could prob still make a legality checker outta it. Apart from pokecheck etc, there isn't one for GenV pokemon and not everyone has internet access all the time to check that stuff
  5. This'd be good if you made a legality checker with it that can check .pkm files rather than inputting all the data manually.
  6. OK its still happening. Every time it does the last pokemon in the folder (this cas the 3rd), it crashed the next time someone goes on.
  7. Does anyone have a legality checker that works without being hosted on a site? I use the pokecheck one when im online but there are times (such as at my parents) where I don't have internet access for a few days and want to check Edit: also its for gen5 and gen4
  8. Ok it worked for a while. I tested it by collecting the first 2 pokemon in the folder, and then someone else collected the 3rd one, and when they tried to go on to loop back to the first, that's when it crashed. Is this supposed to happen? It's like it isn't returning back to poke1
  9. ok i re-extracted it to a dif directory and it seems to work now. What's the cause of this cos it'll be a pain if i have to keep doin this.
  10. Ok this thing keeps crashing now. It seems to happen when someone tries to connect to the GTS (even me now). It worked when it first went up and now its just crashing. I get the general windows 7 error of "Shiny2 has stopped working" Edit; i tried running as admin and got the same error.
  11. Ok I successfully got this working. First off, good job its awesome. It's giving me the possibility for a pokemon type league on a site i use where people can have teams with same stats pokemon to show more skill. Could we possibly have a way to both recieve, AND distribute, and possibly even a way for people to decide which pokemon they recieve when they connect?
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