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  1. Ampharos. and Graveler. Ampharos=Strong to blastoiseand charizard Graveler=strong to pikachu and snorlax also used ho-oh. ho-oh= venusaur. cant remember rest.
  2. Template link: give pikachu a face, google images.
  3. I could not believe some other ideas, so here is a template for you to start with! :smile::redface::bidoof:
  4. come up with a quiz! What are your views on pokemon black/white? A: Brilliant! B: OK. C: TERRIBLE! A= Pansage. You are positive and optimistic, facing any challenge with a strong will.:rolleyes: B= Panpour. You are honest and dilligent, closing your eyes to obstacles.:tongue: C= Pansear. You have a quick temper, your friends seem to look up to you.:mad:
  5. Hey guys (and gals) (and pokemon!) I am starting a contest to see who can make the best legendary pokemon. Write about it, even send a drawing! The winner will get their pokemon printed as a card on www.mypokecard.com. Dont forget to put your home adress and post code, so your card can be sent to you. 5 lucky runners up will be awarded my 'Pikatrio' card, well known for it's rare attack. heres an example: Name: Examplus. Hieght: 7.9 metres. Wieght: 700 ibs. Description:This legendary poison/flying type pokemon roams the night sky. It is said to drag weak pokemon trainers from thier beds and turn them into Teddiursa in desgrace.
  6. Great! Maybe there could be a shadow Celebi (shown in 4th movie, not seen since)! Catch normal Pokes in DARK BALLS! They become shadow with evil eyes!
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