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  1. can you SERIOUSLY HELP ME! i need help on how to get NZONE Pikachu and a TRU Regigigas. PLS HELP ME!! i really want those event pokemon!
  2. i have some requests but they not that long [s]TRU Regigigas[/s] <----[color=Blue]Made By Pokesav[/color] [s]NZONE Pikachu[/s] <----[color=Blue]Made By Pokesav[/color] [s]all pokemon fossils[/s] <----[color=Blue]Made By Pokesav[/color] [s]mega exp gain (instant lvl 100)[/s] <----[color=Lime]Check Official Code Thread[/color] Shiny Milotic (when it comes to USA) well thats all i got hope its not a lot..:rolleyes: i requesting AR codes because i dont understand how to use the frkin wonder card. there are like 2 files and it says to get help from here. alredy asked soldjermon for help anyways though
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