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  1. No there wasn't any egg in the all items code. I know he uses the All items Max HP PP Belly IQ codes and Quick EXP codes and sentry duty codes as well. Is there maybe a clear all items code?
  2. I got the rom and sav file from my friend who hacked a lot (All items, quick EXP blar blar) .__."' then i went to surrounded sea but i could absolutely not find any wonder egg at Lvl 20. Anyone knows how to rectify this?
  3. Sorry to bother you but i can't seem to make the Pokemon on my own Thanks a lot!
  4. I can't use dream world for 2 days now. They just give me that stupid excuse of processing. Anyone know what could be the cause? Or knows how to contact Pokemon and get them to solve the problem?
  5. Is it possible to make Gen V pokemon with their 3rd dream world abilities and capable of going into a random wifi battle? E.G Whimsicott with chlorophyll?
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