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  1. Pokegen V Troubles

    I know it's probably a known issue but, I madean Aerodactyl I made it come from HG using the Poketransfer. I gave it the moves Earthquake, Stone edge, Aqua Tail, and bite. After uploading the file it passed the wifi inspection and was a legit-usable wifi pokemon. BUT I used the TM Sky Drop to replace Bite(because Skydrop isnt an origional Gen IV move) and then tried to get on wifi again and it failed the inspection and was not usable.... I guess my question is how to make it so i could have Skydrop and Aquatail.. I've tried making it hatched and tried most other things aswell but I couldn't get both of the moves to be on the moveset and make it legal.
  2. Your first shiny Pokemon?

    Mine was a ralts, i linked it for an attemp to a shiny gallade but it was modest in nature with horrible Iv's so it just rots in my box