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  1. I wasn't able to find and get to work any way of ripping the save from my retail cart. But apparently this does work fine with HG and SS. I just wish I'd seen that one before, since that can have any date >_<. Oh well, it's not much trouble to change the date. Thanks for the help, though.
  2. what's the difference between the .pgt and the .pcd files? I'm assuming the .pkm file is the one I'd want if I just wanted to insert that pokemon into my game.. I just want whichever one is the "wonder card" like I just walked up to gamestop and downloaded it.
  3. What do the three icons mean on the wonder card download sections (the green / red dude, then the pokeball)?
  4. Hey, I just found this app, but it looks like it's outdated. Last update I see for it is to make it work for jap SS and HG. Anyone know if there's another app like this, but current?
  5. from snapshot 2, the 2 files are in a folder named "shapshot 2" in the archive. In that folder, are two files named "savegame_manager.ini" and "savegame_manager.nds". I took those two files and dropped them into a folder on my cyclo. It didn't work, told me it couldn't find the ini, so I moved the ini to the root, it didn't work again, so I moved both to the root. There, it just froze up after it said to 'hit B to continue'. It didn't give me the error like it had before, it just froze and didn't do anything. I haven't seen anything about this app other than the screen that says hit B to continue and the popup that says it couldn't find the .ini file and to move it to another folder.
  6. I can't get the app to do anything.. It says hit B, I do, then nothing. Before once I got here, it'd tell me it couldn't find the ini and tell me to try placing the files in the root. Is there not a way to disregard the ini if I want to use my 3-in-1 for backing up? this sounds like my problem, but my files aren't named incorrectly
  7. Is there a readme or anything? Or another site/post with more info? Or are we just supposed to guess our way through this? So far I've done dropped the nds and the ini in the root/savemanager. booted it up, it said if it didn't work to put the ini in the root. did that, booted it up, same thing. so I put both the app and the ini in the root, it seemed to work. I hit B, it does nothing.. This is the part where I'd do some reading to find out what's supposed to happen, or how to work it.. but the first post here just says "here it is, this is what I've fixed" So any help would appreciated.
  8. Ah. Well, assuming I have a commercial heart gold, and a flash cart, how can I get these wondercards onto my retail game?
  9. Aren't there homebrews for flash carts that let you rip saves from commercial games? I've been searching through the forums trying to find what use event downloads on the main page are. I still haven't found out what I'm supposed to do with an even after I've downloaded it--there should really be some instructions for those somewhere (or some easy to find instructions). But I'm assuming it's some kind of save editing that's needed. If that's so, couldn't a save from a commercial game be ripped, edited, then restored to get the event(s)?
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