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  1. Just a reminder... if ya'll want to use the English Translation on the GTS, make sure your Pkmn names don't exceed 5 characters. If you don't, the server will the (6plus character) Pkmn as an illegal Pkmn.
  2. Finally got my rom working... I hate the missing in-game fight cursor. I'll try to verify if there's anything else that needs correcting. Obviously I haven't contributed anything relating to the game yet. I've got nothing else to do in the game, so I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the v5 patch, guys. I appreciate it.
  3. Read the the thread. It was said the Official v5 Patch may launch as early as today. Don't moan & groan, if they don't come through. This is a community effort, and they do have the right to go trick or treating tonight. They aren't paid to do this, mmmkay?
  4. I've found the code I was looking for... Personally Confirmed to be Working Black Max BP White Max BP
  5. Thanks for all the hard work, guys... I have a request... I'm looking for a Battle Point increaser.... similar to HeartGold/SoulSilver's Battle Tower. I appreciate it if one of ya'll can come through, thanks.
  6. I don't switch to Kanji prior to trading on the GTS. If you want to use it in English, your Pkmn names must not exceed 5 characters. For example : Charizard is CZard, Pikachu is Pikac, Ditto remains the same, etc. The GTS won't allow you to trade the modified Japanese to English names without restricting to 5 characters.
  7. You need to use Rudolph's Child's Play patch on the clean rom first. Afterwards, take the patched CP rom & re-patch it with Version 4. It's on the first page.
  8. What is your storyline progress? I'll check. EDIT : The parents do call Cheren a "her" & "she."
  9. Patch your clean rom with Rudolph's Child's Play Patch..... then patch it again with v4.
  10. I've had that problem last night... I've found 2 solutions...-Start a new game Check if the fight cursor shows up. If it did continue playing on that new save data. -Obtain a clean rom & patch it again. What I had to do here, was the aforementioned & patched it with Rudolph's Child's Play. If you do this, remember... the original rom file you used, will be the one you re-insert to your emulator or flashcart. Before you do that, patch the rom once more with Version 4 English for B/W. Hope this helps.
  11. iIf you find that your in-battle fight cursor disappeared... you may have to start a new save file.
  12. Sorry for a delayed response. My card worked fine without any other edits for the prior updates.Using a R4i Gold w/ some v1.35 R4i Revolution firmware. Im gonna test out something out... If you have any ideas, I'm open.
  13. I've ran into my old problem again... Clean Rom was successfully patched with v4. Continued older save file & tried a battle, but once again I'm missing the fight cursor... the touch screen is unresponsive. I'm gonna have to find a way around this inconvenience.
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