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  1. For some reason my pk3ds does not display the correct ability for quite a few Pokemon on the trainer editor. For example, for Gyrados, the abilities displayed are any, parental bond (1), parental bond (2), and parental bond (h). Fortunately the right ability is selected despite the incorrect name; selecting parental bond 1 = intimidate. I was wondering if other people had this problem or there was something wrong with my setup.
  2. I'm new to 3ds hacking, but I was curious if editing of scritps and music has been explored in the GEN VI games. I was wondering if maybe someone could point me to the direction if wanted to edit say the music of a particular trainer class? If say I wanted a particular trainer to play the elite four the for example. Thanks
  3. I did learn how to do it thanks to a post in here (I believe it was yours), but I'm just saying it would be more convenient if it was included in the editor . I used attack editor ds, not quite familiar with hex editing. Would you happen to know how to edit gym leader's pokemon's trainer ability? I imagine it should be something simple like replacing 1 with a 2.
  4. I hope you add the ability to edit trainer's pokemon's ability as well as a working move ditor for HGSS.
  5. Why not just release the current version without the Emerald trainers? you could just add them later once you get a hold of the program. If it's a hassle to remove them, perhaps you could just have placeholders in the mean time. People on the forums could also help to test bugs in the current version while you are waiting. I personally would be content just having the platinum trainers in the game. Unlike trainers from the past gen games, platinum trainers fit HGSS as their sprites are animated and the sprites look equal in quality.
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