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  1. I patched a clean rom, but every time I hit "New Game" the rom crashes on me. I'm using No$GBA 2.6 with No$Zoomer.
  2. I think they're missing the word "trainer" in there as well. Cause...I don't think Cheren wanted to be a Pokemon for Halloween. !
  3. I heard there was a pokesav, but doesn't that interfere with ever being able to collect MG's or game syncing? I heard pokesav edits mess up the wi-fi. Just what I heard.
  4. You have to have your pokemon ready to be sent and already asleep, trying to connect through the game sync. While that is happening, continue to try and register the ID into the site. I did it that way and it worked. I had the same trouble as you did before, too.
  5. Good thing too. Cause if everyone was talking here, then people would be asking why everyone is here and not working. xP
  6. We're sorry, but Hell only allows one console per death. Please choose one and die again. Thank you. On-Topic: Awesome translations so far. Can't wait for the puzzle to be completed. ;D
  7. Yes, but it stills works on it whether or not you need to bypass it. Same can be said for flashcarts. No$ still has greater reliability, speed and usage. Life or death situation: I'd rather take No$ and die happily. ;P It's quality in a package worth the money, for those who got it legit. Not saying it doesn't have its flaws, of course. But still. And I have tried every run setting I could think of to get Desmume to run on a lower grade, it wouldn't even run the first made DS games at a decent speed while No$ would run it at full on the same computer. No$ is just...better all around. ;D
  8. As off-topic as this is, I feel the need to reply to it. First off, don't disrespect the greatest DS emulator ever birthed into the emulation world. Desemume may be "good" but its no where near better than No$gba in any way. No$ is known to work on even low grade computers, with most games working on it one way or another with nearly full speed or more. It has more achievements in its time and in it's current state than the other emulators have. Outdated? I'm sorry, but you are the one who's brain is outdated. On-Topic: Great work so far with the translations. Hoping to finally download the patch before Christmas with a full game to explore in Engrish. ! P.S. Burn Status intended, but Purgatory has a tendency to miss.
  9. That's V8...V.8 would mean its Beta 8. Be careful how you say things or us Grammar Police and ABBR SWAT will have to take you downtown, mister. ;P
  10. Nah, it's v10. Don't fret it someone messes up numbers, just think of it as the next release. ^-^
  11. An Hallow's Eve release, eh? Got any surprises in store for us or is it just a coincidence?
  12. But that's the beauty of it. When there's something unnecessary in the game, you can replace it with something else. Makes things more fun for community projects, that is until a company slams the hammer on you. Off-Topic: T_T RIP Chrono Ressurection RIP T_T
  13. They ought to be. After all, it's them who are making this translated. Give credit where credit is deserved, especially when the people are saying random crap that's entirely useless, so replacing it sounds like a great idea.
  14. Then it just might be a glitch from the patching. Unless you are using AR/CB codes to edit the game. Then that could be clashing with the patch job and whatever else you are using combined. Who knows, at this point.
  15. Eh...it's hard to say really. I don't think the patch could re-wire the gameplay mechanics like that but, anything's possible at this point. Hopefully, someone with coding/patching knowledge will clear this up or at least shed some light on the situation.
  16. That is most certainly a noteworthy glitch. If it was Maggyo who got hit, I'd be worried even more since ground is never effected by electric. Still, lovely glitch to add to the Important Fixes list.
  17. I highly doubt it was super effective, probably just a misprinted translation or something. As for the damage, depending on the level difference, I believe the damage was alright.
  18. Uh-huh...Well then, be more specific next time, please. I'm sure that most would have said the same thing. xP
  19. I support the translation of the storyline. I could care less if the side chats with trainers/people was left out, but the ones who ask questions or give stuff should be included with Storyline. Even rough English is greatly appreciated. As long as we can read it till the REAL English version is out, I'll be giddy as a school girl.
  20. Well now, with the programs being used by others to test things out, could this possibly mean things will roll along faster? The world may never know...
  21. I believe its one of these: The Prototype idea of the Great Ball/Ultra Ball, a Nest Ball, Friend Ball, Safari Ball. No clue if its even any of those. We may never know, just like when Ash saw Ho-oh on the first episode. It looked like the Shiny version but we'll never know.
  22. You sure about that? Did you even edit the extinfo and such to support the new IDs ?
  23. Well, I liked what I saw in the Storyline so far. But, sadly, I shall wait for the next update, hoping there will be more added in. ^-^ Great work so far, though. Team PBWTP, go!
  24. Thank you. When I looked, nothing past 200 was there. >< @Kaarosu Thank you for the update. Keep up the good work, Team PBWTP!
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