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  1. All of these event pokemon are showing as non legal as of the current version (20/06/19, a few hours ago build), is that just a display bug or what?
  2. One of them, it's just if you prefer japanese or english logo on the start screen.
  3. Yes, I've been patching the other versions just fine. I fixed it. Used the lite version
  4. I hope that wasn't directed at me. I really don't mind at all if they take there time, Hell I'm thankful they do, I just hate seeing people talk about how the patch is coming out whenever, It's out when its ready.
  5. I don't give two shits if it took me long to write that, this isn't the place to be talking about it, Its indirectly asking for rom help, Why else would you be talking about firmware for a flashcard in a translation thread.
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