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  1. i just got a female smeargle, i will post it as soon as i can! (Y)
  2. keep in mine that some people can't pre order that guide, well another DW event pkm for merchandise! thats can of lame! but well....
  3. the pokemon can be captured whit any pokeball no Necessarily a dreamball
  4. those pokemon (meloeta geneset keldeo), probably are ripped or hacks! or thats events are out?? pd: sorry if my english is not good!
  5. is not a reliable source? in my opinion if i got an original Pokemon from any event in a trade and i am sure of there originally and it is a realiable person...ummm why not? no everybody can get a magazine to get 1 of those events and we only wait for a decent contributor to get one! if you tell me you have it all but you want to keep it to yourself fine but dont deleted the others contributions!:\ PD: sorry if my english is not good enought
  6. HI, here you go my Birthday Togekiss... my birthday was february First! BirthdayTogekiss.pkm
  7. hey wind did you finally get the mamoswine??
  8. if anyone buy the magazine and get the mamoswine, plz upload the .pkm file pd: the kanto sihno and johto starters from DW are not uploaded yet???
  9. umm very nice but a little hard to get for me! u_u
  10. i got Jolteon i'll try tu submit a .sav file as soon i get a copy of the game.
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