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  1. ok thanks! i'll check it out! lol thanks.
  2. thans lot!! that has really helped me. i used to make pokemon with pokesav without using the other programs but now i am able to do it and make it look good! oh and i wanted to make a thread where like people can state what pokemon they want and other people can make it for them as a .pkm file. where would i create this thread?
  3. hi i'm niksmart1a. i'm new to these forums but i have loved pokemon forever!!! there are so many things that i dont know. am i allowed to post my questions here in this thread and people can answer them?:confused: (if i ask a question, i need a well explained answer because i'm not that fast of a learner!! sorry!!) either way, almost all of my questions deal with pokesav or all the programs that go with it like the legality checker, the trash bytes program, the PID/IV program, etc. i think i might as well post the first question anyway because i need to no some stuff. i'll edit and put more questions later. Questions 1. :confused:exactly what do each of these programs do? legality checker, the trash bytes program, and the PID/IV program ( i would like an explanation for each. plz dont just say, "they help you edit the pokemon." i need to no exactly wat they do, and how to use them. thanks!!!):biggrin:
  4. i want a gengar to folo me. and i wouldnt want arcerus to folo me because when u go up, u cant see the player.
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