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  1. Well, I've taken the advice before, and I have the most unbelievable excuse ever. I like PokeSav more because it is more visually appealing, and I think it is more fun to use.
  2. Would everyone stop suggesting PokeGen? I want to use PokeSav, so someone give me an answer, I've been waiting for weeks.
  3. What would the 46h and 47h hex values be for a Drifloon caught at Valley Windworks?
  4. I see these... 112- Battle Frontier 113- Battle Factory 114- Battle Castle 115- Battle Roulette 116- Battle Stage 117- Distortion World 118- Global Terminal 119- R.A House 120- Match Place 121- Rotom's Room 122- Eterna Galactic HQ 123- Iron Ruins 124- Iceberg Ruins 125- Rock Peak Ruins 2011- Cynthia* ...but no others. Not really helpful.
  5. Does anyone have the hex values for the locations in Platinum?
  6. Just for future reference, I still need the hex for Valley Windworks please.
  7. What is with the PID's? I ask for a Drifblim with 31 IV's in everything, and it doesn't work. The only way it works is if I decrease the values in Special Defense and Speed. Also, what is the "Extra Bytes?"
  8. I tried the PokeGen thingy, it isn't my cup of soup. Whilst it looks simpler and more convenient, it still is more confusing to me. Still need those numbers.
  9. Title says it all. The tutorial thread on how to make legit hex codes only has those for HG/SS, and not Platinum. This is so I can make a Pokemon on SS that appears as though it is traded from Platinum, but I need some help. That, or you can just give me the Hex for catching a Pokemon at Valley Windworks.
  10. One last question, and I am good to go. What about traded Pokemon? I want A Drifblim that was traded from Platinum. Is there something different for trading, or do I put in the hexes according to how it was caught in Platinum? If so, is catching a Drifloon an event Pokemon?
  11. Ok, thanks. This'll be good for getting Baton Passers back in shape. /thread.
  12. So currently, I am working on a Lickilicky for competitive play. I am in quite a pickle however, for I am confused at what time the move "Wish" activates, even after checking Bulbapedia. If I have a Lickilicky, use wish, and then the next turn use explode, will the wish be able to heal my next sent in Pokemon or will it activate beforehand and just be a waste? EDIT: Extremely sorry, I am new to the forums and I just saw a Team Building sub forum, as this should have gone there. Apologies.
  13. Ok, so the numbers are right, but do I have to put in a location anyway? I left the location blank because I thought it would use the hex to fill in the location. Is it because I left it blank it said "Mystery Zone"?
  14. I'm having some trouble getting this. I understood it, but I still seem to be putting the numbers in the wrong locations. Someone give me some example numbers. I want a Makuhita caught at Dark Cave with a Pokeball. So the numbers would be... 00,00,DC,05,04, correct? I think the last time I tried this I kept getting "Mystery Zone." Help is appreciated.
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