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  1. its cause i need to find my secret id just hoping to see if you can help me
  2. lol naa its ok just enjoy the pokemon next time it messes up just use that fix again
  3. yes but make sure you dont close the dns server after it gives you the numbers now send the pokemon then you will recieve it iv done it when my GTS gives me the error code 52100 and it worked
  4. to tell you the truth ive only used it on one computer cause i only got one try this fix <a href="http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OV48U0W9"> click here </a> download the files once its done go to the file called DNS Server and open the DNS_Server.exe and it will say ""Please enter the ip of the fake gts server"" put the dns numbers you get when u you drag the pkm file to sendpkm. Make sure you leave that window open when sending the pkm to your ds. try that
  5. did you try to disable your firewall and disable your anti virus sometimes it messes up and doesnt work for like a day but all you really have to do is wait a few hours for it to work happens to me all the time
  6. anyone?????? im willing to give Goon Scizor Crown Suicune Crown Entei Crown Raikou just for finding my secret id please i need it
  7. yes i know you can do it without a device but you need a shiny pokemon witch i have yet to find so im hoping someone can help me with a device. If possible
  8. im new to this so if i put this in the wrong place please move it i really need my secret id for RNG so anyone willing to help me please do so im willing to give you any of these event pokemon they are completely legit Goon Scizor Crown Suicune Crown Entei Crown Raikou my FC is : 0217-3656-2712
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