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  1. You two are not doing it right 0
  2. I watch digimon since it first came out. Even saw the movies. the season i didn't see was 5. downloaded the whole 4th season cuz it was raw.
  3. I think arceus should have been normal/psychic, if not dragon/psychic. What do you guys think.
  4. hey do you have another shiny hatch code. the one from the first page keeps freezing my game. please help. thank you
  5. they satd the water type will be raw at the end so i might pick that
  6. I am having a problem with my AR DSi and my pokesav for HG/SS. When I put the code that I created for a my game for my team, the AR freezes up when I go into the pc. the team is in eggs so when they hatch it will say my id # and name but it keeps freezing .Why?
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