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  1. @Norvill Rodgers Try redownloading Sky Editor, making sure to unblock the zip file as described in the introduction. At the time of writing, that part starts at step 5.
  2. Can you screenshot it? Simplest way is to use the Snipping Tool in Windows.
  3. You're right: I'll look into it when I can. Do you know off-hand if Mega evolutions have different descriptions in the in-game Pokedex? The solution might be to either not show a description or to use the one from the normal form.
  4. The latest version is 4.1.x. Try getting the latest linked to in the introduction: With your version, you can proceed by right-clicking in the Base ROM project, and choosing "Add Existing File", but you may encounter other issues if you don't upgrade.
  5. It is, but only if you take care of resizing the portraits and reducing the number of colors yourself. They need to be 40x40 and have no more than 15 colors. (Maybe 16; it's been a while since I looked.)
  6. Is there anything in ~/Modpack/Output? If not, is there anything in the error window?
  7. I just pushed an update that should fix it. It also drops the requirement to use indexed PNG's, so now any kind of PNG that .Net can read should work. Here's the download link for Sky Editor, and here's a modpack that uses your portraits. I don't know what player you want, so I left the player selection alone. Nice work on the portraits btw. Starly's face shows how I felt after finally getting it working.
  8. Could you upload your portraits please?
  9. In the Modpack/Output folder, there should be a zip file. Could you upload that please?
  10. If you have CFW on your 3DS, you can use this guide to edit your starter:
  11. evandixon

    whats good

    Welcome to the forums, xRi!
  12. Was there anything in the Errors window? That looks like a UI error. Do you remember clicking anything in particular prior to encountering this? This window lets you create a file. For the most part, this won't be useful. For PSMD editing, all files will be created for you, so you'll instead want to create a new project.
  13. You'd also need to take care of the graphics and animations. @psy_commando's gfx_crunch can help with that, but I don't even know everything that'd be involved with inserting Pokemon. If you try out what you can, I'd love to hear your findings.
  14. Sorry for the late reply. I pushed an update that will force the dropdown to pay attention to the backspace key: https://teamcity.projectpokemon.org/repository/download/SkyEditor_SkyEditorROMEditor_B/42409:id/SkyEditor.ROMEditor.UI.WPF Build 196.zip If you choose not to update, you'll need to specifically choose Mew from the dropdown without typing it in. Testing this is kinda making me want to try playing as Mew some day: