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  1. If you try to use both at the same time, it will fail because my patchers don't know how to safely merge things yet. For the time being, you'll need to either disable the starter mod's portrait patching (right-click the project, click properties, uncheck the appropriate checkbox, and save) or don't use the portrait mod.
  2. Are you using the starter, portrait, and model projects all at once? The starter mod also modifies portraits and models by default, and the patcher doesn't currently know how to merge those patches. Please either try again without the portrait and model mods, or turn off the starter mod's portrait and model patching by right-clicking the project, clicking properties, unchecking those two options, and using File -> Save All.
  3. I have little experience with image editing. I usually use MS Paint for simple stuff and GIMP for slightly more complex stuff, but actual artists may have different preferences. Actually editing portraits is out of my skill set, unless I do something silly like add a mustache or a top hat, which I'd probably do in paint. And that's the extent of my art skills
  4. I'm sorry for the late reply. I must have missed the notification for your post. I just pushed an update that fixes this, which can be downloaded here. Those are the paths to the source code on the machine that built the program, i.e. my build agent. The C:\BuildAgent part doesn't really mean much, but it's super helpful seeing which lines of which files the errors occurred at. All I'm trying to do is replace two starters with Petilil and Honedge. I have no idea what's going wrong. Please make sure you unblock the zip file before extracting it, as shown in the introduction:
  5. Could you attach the modpack zip located in (Solution Directory)/Modpack/Output?
  6. It looks like that save is half the size it needs to be, so the patch might not have worked right. Your general info and item data looks OK, but all the Pokemon data is corrupt, which is likely partly why it crashes when you try saving. It's been ages since I patched RRT to work on my 3DS, so I don't really remember how I did it, but this guide may help if you try again.
  7. Yes, but much slower than in the past. My current focus is rewriting the code that extracts and repacks 3DS ROMs to greatly improve speed and to remove another barrier in the way of supporting non-Windows systems. There's no dedicated guild, but for now, I think the Project Pokémon Discord guild will suffice (link's on our chat page). There's no channels dedicated specifically to Sky Editor, but if Sky Editor becomes a more popular topic, that may change in the future.
  8. Could you upload your save file, please? You can send me a private message if you don't want it to be public.
  9. Sorry for the delay. This has been fixed in the lastest build. You will need to create a new solution, to avoid corrupted data.
  10. Is this for PSMD or GTI? And do you have any other projects besides the starter mod?
  11. If you look around in the Application tab in the Event Viewer, do you see anything that looks related to Sky Editor?
  12. I pushed an update that should solve the immediate problem. Only thing is that the error shown is an error in showing the real error, so it's likely it still won't work. However, as long as the update works, the next error message will be more relevant.
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