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  1. Bad thing is that a picture with "A: Done" is not sufficient any more to prove the wonder card is the real deal. Maybe a video that shows the console turned off and getting to the mystery gift and receiving without doing anything in between can prove it's real
  2. How can I export wc6full? I have a9lh cfw on sysnand and cartridge OR
  3. I mean what are the options, either cia or homebrew (3dsx)
  4. I knew about svdt, will try, what else options are there to test them?
  5. Which manager to use though? I'm on a9lh 10.7 sysnand and I have the cartridge version, not the e-shop one.
  6. FTP-3DS (fork without fandom BS) works with Tubehax/Ironhax (.3dsx), speed ~200-220KiB/s
  7. Ironfall is the best of 2, 100% boot up possibility. Next time remember to check each week for free new software on e-shop. Waiting for the save game utility, best homebrew is the ftp server and the 3DS controller, playing Platinum on my couch on a 42'' TV lol
  8. Delete YouTube and re-download it from e-shop
  9. My 3DS hasn't been updated at all and it's on versions where browser exploit is working, should I update NOW to get the newer exploit or has the YouTube app been fixed (I don't have the Ironfall game)? edit, nevermind I see that I downloaded Ironfall before the browser exploit was fixed, hehe I knew checking everyday for free software on shop and downloading it was a good idea :biggrin: edit2 YT works also, not fixed, everything updated
  10. Why would I lie? I received two times a male Serperior and on the third SR it was female, which one I kept. WC6 and pk6 files of question, Serperior and Empoar http://www71.zippyshare.com/v/Ant0I2sC/file.html I can provide ramsav.bin if you want. I repeat I'm talking about normal serial distribution (POKEMON497/500/503) before I even knew browser exploit existed.
  11. When I received the 3 HA Sinnoh starters normally through WiFi, I could save and SR for gender in the Pokemon Center.
  12. I have two questions: 1. The pkm files you are about to download Alpha are the same if we extract pkm with Mystery Gift Editor from pgt files? 2. Is/will be sort by date possible?
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