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  1. Pig: Not interested. Teddy: Not interested Drowsy grass thingy: Interested It's gonna be grass. And a great improvement to the battle system, as I can see in the movie! Looks good!
  2. Small? That's it on the hints? Ehhh.... Castform? (He IS small)
  3. I think someone mentioned that in HGSS, the pal park ball was renamed to the Sport Ball, because Park ball was used for something else. NOT sure though. And of course I don't know if this is about HGSS or something else.
  4. Psybeam! (I love my Pendulum!) EDIT: OH WAIT! He's dark too isn't he? *Facepalm*
  5. Post your trivia questions here, and see who comes up with the answer! Here's my first few questions for you. Q1) Before Pokéballs were invented, what was used to capture Pokémon? Q2) What is the name of the artefact that was used in Lugia's summoning? Q3) How many Electrodes were charging the emitter in Mahogany town during the Lake Of Rage crisis? Q4) Who's the host of Johto's music channel? Q5) Which pokémon was depicted on the north stone tablet in the Alph Ruins, and which word was depicted behind it?
  6. Ok, so since Lance is cheating (Outrage with infinite PP, even in front of my Pressurising Lugia!) I decided I would go cheat as well. So I need to temporarily replace my weakling Pidgeotto, which I carry around for flying, with a superpowered lightning pokémon, someone like Magneton or Ampharos. Problem is that my savefile is encrypted in a (apparently wacky) way. I use the DSLinker Flash Card, and chose the Flash 4MBit option. The save file is 512 KB. However, when converted to a raw with automatic size detection (Using the Shunyweb online save converter), Pokesav can't read the file. We
  7. Haunter, Hypno or a legendary. Maybe I should go for Ninetales next. Oh, and Luxray.
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