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  1. okay, heres how this works: someone posts something funny, and everyone else laughs if its actually funny, got it? one of the funniest things i have seen is probably the last half of section 10 of the itunes software agreement. im not sure if its there just to make sure you read it or if apple is serious. either way its funny.
  2. im chimchar1, kind of a hacker, and have been playing pokemon for almost 7 years now. if you have any questions, please refer them to my nonexistant secretary.
  3. my first was either super mario world for the snes or metroid 2 for the gameboy, whichever it was i was 2 when i played them.
  4. okay, so my ards media edition is bricked, and if i can get a firmware file from one, i may be able to revive it as i did my original ards (about 7 times). the file will be somewhere in C:\Program Files\Datel\Action Replay Code Manager and is *.bin (probably firmware.bin). when opened with notepad will look like FIRM„ì DAR4NDS v200DSAR or something of the like, follwed by some unreadable code. please help me with this if possible.
  5. 1) projectpokemon.org has tutorials for the different aspects of it (i think) 2) ardsi or argba duo with ds max drive.
  6. if your local codelist fails, create a new one, right click and click add new game, once youve added the game right click on it and click add new cheat, which will let you copy/paste the codes.
  7. no. the trainer toolkit is only compatible with the original ards.
  8. somehow i think the compact version is for the japanese version (why they translated it into english is beyond me) and we all need to go get the full version.
  9. couple things: fly to kanto while in johto and vice versa (i just dont like flying to the pokemon league between) also i cant get pokesav compact to work. trying to make a celebi to trigger the event but it didnt work. regular pokesav doesnt fit on my monitor. take your time on the code but quick help with pokesav would be appreciated.
  10. just wondering, is anyone sure there is even a shiny sprite for the spikey eared pichu to begin with?
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