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  1. Hello, I have another question! Help is very welcome. I'm currently on my desktop computer which is Windows XP Professional (NOT 64 bit.) I downloaded this .NET Framework file: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=0856EACB-4362-4B0D-8EDD-AAB15C5E04F5&displaylang=en However, the Legality Checker and Trash Bytes files are still not working. Did I download the wrong version? When I drag and drop a .pkm file onto either of the programs, the programs load up but do not recognize the .pkm file I've dropped onto them. I've also tried opening the .pkm files with the programs, but they still aren't doing anything.
  2. Any confirmation of this would be appreciated. ^^
  3. Eek! So even if I change the info to Japanese, the Type is still bad? D:
  4. Sorry for the bump! If I make the Mew a fateful encounter, is it then totally legal, or are there any other things I should tweak? Here's the updated file:
  5. Ohh, alright. So if I fix that, will it then look Legal? (That's fine! :3 Thank you.)
  6. My first attempt at a Legal Pokemon! I'm not sure if it checks out or not. It's supposed to be a Faraway Island Mew caught on Emerald, Pal-Parked to Pearl. It's shiny as if someone had soft-reset for it. ^^ Here's the image: The only thing I'm unsure about is the Type, and how it works. I don't know if a shiny Emerald Mew can be listed as "Uncommon" or not, or if the algorithm that follows, (A-B-D-E), is right. Let me know if something looks amiss, and if so, a way for it to be fixed! :3 Thank you.
  7. Alright, thank you very much for your help! ^^
  8. Wow, this program seems quite useful. Can the files be dropped into the Trash Bytes and Legality Checker programs to check if a Pokemon looks legal?
  9. I believe there are only six natures that can result in all 31 IVs legally, so that might be the problem. I'd double-check that information though, I just remember seeing that question asked somewhere else about a Rash natured Pokemon, and that was the answer, ha ha.
  10. Alright, so if I wanted it to appear as if it was migrated from Emerald, I'd use the 46h hex value "37"? And thanks for your help!
  11. Sorry for the bump, but I'd really love some help with this! ^^
  12. Hey there, I've been having some trouble trying to get the Legality Checker and Trash Bytes programs to work. I downloaded the file the link on the first page provided for the Microsoft .Net Framework. It was version 3.5, but it said 2.0 was included in it. Did I do this right? After the download I extracted the files, but I can't seem to drag and drop files into the previously mentioned programs. I'm running Vista on my laptop, if that helps. I've restarted the computer too, but it's still not working. Will someone let me know if I've done something wrong? I'd appreciate the help. Edit: Solved!
  13. Is it possible to create a Trainer ID and SID and make a shiny Pokemon in Pokesav while keeping it legal? I'm trying to make a Faraway Island Mew for myself. :3 <3 I'm not sure how to get an OT for it though, or the SID to make it a legal shiny. Advice or help is appreciated! If it can't be done, let me know, ha ha. If there's a way to get one of the IDs though, I'd love to know how. I've been away from Pokesav for a while too, and I was wondering how to make a Pokemon HEX appear as if it's come from the Pal Park? I totally forgot how. ;-; Thanks! Edit: Oh! I was also wondering if the new HGSS Pokesav is "backwards compatible," so to say. Are the AR codes only for HGSS, or can you make them for DPPt? Thanks again!
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