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  1. can someone help me ? i put a TRU Arceus wonder card on a SS version and when I check the card says: You have already received this gift before... oh btw, i don't use AR, i update my save nevermind, i found the answer reading the whole topic D: the card shows up like used, but the green man still give you the pkmns : D
  2. mm this is really useful, but i still have a question... what are the 44th and 45th for a traded egg?? for example, my togepi summary says Dec.10, 2009 Mr. Pokémon Egg Received. Dec.12, 2009 Goldenrod City Egg apparently... but i put some eggs with pokesav in other game and when hatched said: Apr. 4, 2010 Cherrygrove City Met at Lv. 0. So i want it to say: Apr.4, 2010 Egg received from trade (or whatever it says when it's a traded egg) Apr.4, 2010 Cherrygrove City Egg appa...