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  1. Yeah, that's what seems to be happening. @Kaphotics Can this be fixed for next release?
  2. Here you go. 706 - Goodra - EDB0F435CFBC.pk6
  3. I know, but if I change it to Goodra, it tells me that it passes as legal at level 41.
  4. Here. 704 - Goomy - 20ABF435CFBC.pk6
  5. From what I understood, Sliggoo can only evolve into Goodra at level 50 during rain, however it passes as legal at level 41 in PkHex. Can this be fixed for next release?
  6. OK, so it's legal. Good, thanks! Let's hope that the next update includes the event eggs like this one.
  7. Here you go. 360 - Naughty - DFC8EC20A0C7.pk6
  8. So I got this Wynaut via GTS, and I think it's from the egg that is given in Lavaridge Town. In its Egg Met conditions it says "old hot springs visitor" for its location, however, because of that, it doesn't pass as legal in PKHeX (17/07/02). Is this normal?
  9. Hello, if it is possible, can somebody make a Beautifly that can pass legal with this moveset?: Beautifly @ Bright Powder Ability: Rivalry EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Flash - Morning Sun - Defog
  10. Beautifly (Gen VI) Ability: Rivalry - Flash - Morning Sun - Defog I saw this in Smogon, but the problem is that it can only learn Defog in Gen IV, and Rivalry is a hidden ability from V onward. What are your thoughts?
  11. Yeah, NPC visitors. As for Desmume, you mean changing the clock of the PC, or is there a way to change the clock in the emulator itself?
  12. Any chance for the Join Avenue editor to add an option to obtain random visitors? For example, after I'm done receiving my visitors, I edit the save to unlock a new batch of random visitors, and so on.
  13. So, has anybody found a code for Join Avenue to keep getting visitors in Black 2?
  14. Hey, Oxnite. You still there? Is there any news on this project?
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