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  1. Sweet. I did complete the pokedex on 1st gen Red, almost on Yellow (six to go and someone reset my file... little brothers... >_<), think so on blue. 2nd gen, really don't remember that much. Beat all three of those games Elite Four-wise. But before I could fill the dexes, I lost Crystal (a crying shame, as that was my favorite game at the time), and again little brothers reset my files. 3rd gen, Ruby I caught every in-game available. Ie: no new wild pokemon left. I needed two more, including Jirachi, which at the time, I could not get. Now we have the bonus disk. Guess what happened to
  2. I would like to jump in here saying that I did buy an Emerald version from Game Stop in which the "internal battery [had] run dry." No time-based events could occur. Yes, the game would still play and save, but the tides didn't work, and the berries didn't grow, and if I didn't pick the remaining ones, they dropped off and died out. Google it. "Internal battery has run dry." My game was legit from Nintendo, not a hacked game or a rom loaded onto a cart. I bought it from Game Stop. It was the first of a few products thereafter that I later discovered did not work properly. Game stop replaced th
  3. Are all your Pokémon of legit origin? No pokesav anything, no hacks, no action replay giving you whatever pokémon you tell it to, etc. Now, to clarify here, I do use an action replay but only for 100% catch rate, mining walls not crumbling, and Mega EXP gain (which still gives you EVs I believe, but idc about that. I just like to level faster). What I mean with the AR is a cheat that gives you every pokémon in your PC, makes all your encounters for the same pokémon, etc. I want legit origin. Basically, no fake pokémon. Eggs are totally fine as long as every previous breeding line pokémon is le
  4. Yes, I'm sure it was the 6th item slot in your bag. I caught the MissingNo, and was sadly disappointed when I couldn't multiply my Masterballs and Rarecandies anymore. Apparently only one MissingNo "existed" (though I know it was a glitch) and even when you released it back into the wild, it never showed up again. While I never heard the details of how to get a mew (when I caught wind of this, it was a mew, not a pikablu) in terms of tiles, I did have the general idea of surfing past the SS Anne to an island with a truck. The theory of being able to skip the SS Anne part of the story is plaus
  5. I must complete the Pokédex! What? <_< >_> I don't have a problem. There's nothing wrong with wanting to complete the 'Dex on every game I own! My friends say I need Poké rehab. They say I need help. Well, I do. TO COMPLETE MY POKEDEX! So, If you see a trade by me, at least give it a look-see and some consideration if you're able. In return, I will try to help others on their quest to Poké completion. Also, I want the real-deal. Not pokesav or hacks. Eggs are fine, whatever -- so long as they have legit ancestors. Parents, grandparents, whatever. Totally legit. Anywho, stepping
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