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  1. I was talking about their attack stats being about 100 points too high each. The Texture is fine.
  2. I was looking at my party and.. Is... is this intentional?
  3. Bulldoze does not appear to be getting a boost from Technician, as in it shows up as 60 in the status menu, even though Aerial Ace shows up as 90.
  4. For some reason Metang can't use the Earthquake TM, yet Serebii lists that it should be able to, I checked both the Gen III and Gen VI listings, did you intentionally remove its ability to use it?
  5. I'm not too far yet, but I will say I like the level curve so far. Yes, I am underleveled when I enter a new area, and this curve would probably annoy me in the mainline games, but for GoD, this simply means I get to use Mt. Battle without ending up with a level 30 Ampharos against a level 18 Delcatty like I did in the vanilla game.
  6. It was like that in the base game, this was because areas 1-3 were at a lower level than you would be at, at that point of the game.
  7. I just want to say I'm a huge fan of Gale of Darkness, and make a point of playing it at least once a year, and have kept up with this since its release. This year, I think I'll be using this, as recently I've been hoping someone could make something like this for it.
  8. Well, I was expecting the PWT portion after Clay to be upgraded but well, sorry Hugh.... http://imgur.com/8tenTgW
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