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  1. Hello, I have one last question regarding this topic. First of all, I want to say thank you to the developer of Switch Gift Data Manager for making this entire thing possible. I managed to transfer everything to a new Switch OLED with no ban on either console. The question I had was: If I still want to use my old switch to trade pokemon via local wireless (two switches in the same room), can I do so while using emuNAND + Incognito + dns.mitm/Exosphere? Is it safe to go online on emuNAND with the above steps applied, and use homebrew nsps? Sorry for the unrelated question, this is the only place where I've gotten quick help on the internet, ever.
  2. Thank you, the only reason I was wondering is because the Jirachi's OT is still in Japanese, so the mon itself is Japanese, and the wonder record says ネガイボシ's Jirachi..
  3. Hello, I have a few more questions. I managed to obtain every event I needed to obtain with the correct dates using switch-time, JKSV, and Switch Gift Data Manager. I also did some very light genning in PKHeX, all legal or event Pokemon. The only mon I'm doubting is the Japanese event Jirachi in Sword, I don't know if having a japanese wonder record of this mon is possible in an English language game (I read that serial codes are region-free). In fact, I actually deleted a few illegal mons I got from LAN trading a while back. I already deleted all of the CFW files from my microSD card, as I need to insert it in my OLED Switch after I do the full user transfers. Is it safe to user transfer to the OLED at this point? Does my OLED have any chance of getting banned due to my save editing (I also saved the game manually a couple of times on OFW)?
  4. Hello, Does anyone have the wonder records for the 2 statue events in BDSP, and the Garchomp Kimono and Shiny Baneful Fox Mask in PLA? I need the wonder records to show the correct date, if possible. Does anyone at least have a save file for BDSP or PLA where I can extract the wonder records from?
  5. I also saw another comment on here saying the time is only supposed to increase not go backwards, or something having to do with downgraded instances. Wouldn't it be better if I changed the time, then progressed it bit by bit until I get to the latest event I want to inject, or does it have to be resynced after every claimed event?
  6. Hello, I have one more question. I want to change the date of the wonder record and the Met Date of the received Pokemon, I'm guessing with switch-time. Do I need to change the date using switch-time before redeeming the events? Have any bans been reported due to the use of switch-time? Do you have any advice on how I can use it safely?
  7. I see, thank you for your quick reply! I have just one more question. My switch that I would like to do this on is currently completely clean and unhacked. If I hacked it just for this purpose, do you think a ban is a big possibility (as that would prevent me from transferring the save)?
  8. Hello, I was planning to hack my switch V1 to redeem any events I missed on Pokemon Sword, then transfer the save file to a new OLED Switch. If I did this, would the entries in the check mystery gifts option in the mystery gift menu transfer? Is transferring the save even possible?
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