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  1. PMD: Gates to Infinity Demake

    Do not set the top screen menu to "Map and Team", this will break the game! This is a demo and does not contain the whole game yet.  
    Gates to Infinity Demake is a project that aims to recreate Gates To Infinity in the form of an Explorers of Sky rom-hack. Made In celebration of GTI's 10th anniversary, this hack aims to recreate the original game as closely as possible with minor improvement along the way. With improvements such as more starters, faster text speed, improved graphics (very subjective), and reworked dungeons. This project is a work in progress and is constantly changing. 
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Is this hack complete? Not yet. While I plan to cover the entire game, It is currently just a demo for now.
    When will this hack be complete? Not for a while. It takes a lot of work to make rom-hacks, and considering how ambitious this hack is and that I'm only one person, it may take up to two years or more to complete. However, I will be updating the hack with more story and gameplay so be sure to check every so often. I also have a twitter where I'll tweet when major updates come out.
    How do I play this hack? You'll have to patch a clean US rom of Explorers of Sky in order to play this. You can use xdelta to patch the rom which come preinstalled with the download. After that, you can play it on any nds emulator or on an actual DS.
    Will this hack feature base-building Yes
    Some of the Pokemon are different species from the original game. Why? All gen 5 sprites for EoS are fan-made and many sprites don't exist yet for certain Pokemon. These are currently placeholders with whatever species is the most similar.
    If you find any bugs, issues, or have any suggestions, then feel free to ask me on the SkyTemple Discord: https://discord.gg/skytemple
    Special Thanks to TheKitchenSunk for helping with gameplay and balancing


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