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  1. v4.1.0 Download: https://github.com/MewTracker/sv-research/releases/
  2. At least one specific example would be helpful... Anyway, use encounter database feature to make sure your basic filters make sense. You can check which raids contain a specific Pokémon and double click on an encounter to propagate it to your basic filters.
  3. Yes, those criteria are extremely restrictive. Palafin + shiny already gives you just ~3000 encounters out of 4 billion possible seeds. Pick IV that's least important and allow a wider range of values. Sometimes going to 30 on a single IV can make a difference.
  4. v4.0.0 Download: https://github.com/MewTracker/sv-research/releases/
  5. I think it is bad design to add this information to every row. Those parameters are not related to any particular data entry, it's global metadata for the whole result set. As I understand you are using export to CSV feature anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem for you to post-process generated files. You can just append whatever you want at the end of each row via simple search & replace in a text editor. Another option is to consider a naming scheme for your files that will include parameters as a part of file name and have your bot decode that.
  6. This requires multiple searches, event group and start count decide which encounter tables and drop tables are used. Under Item Filters press "Edit Filters" to select which drops are interesting for you. Keep in mind there are VERY few 10 herba raids (around 3-6 depending on game version). Adding extra conditions to that is pretty much guaranteed to produce 0 results.
  7. This has been fixed already in this commit (you can use newest test build with this fix). 1.2.0 updated personal stats for some Pokémon (Walking Wake and Iron Leaves were stubbed previously). Anyway filtering for gender/ability in this event is not recommended because all of them are genderless with their only ability.
  8. v3.7.0 Download: https://github.com/MewTracker/sv-research/releases/
  9. Yes, exactly. Story progress Min stars Max stars None 1 2 3* unlocked 1 3 4* unlocked 1 4 5* unlocked 3 5 6* unlocked 3 6 For events: Event progress Min stars Max stars 2* unlocked 1 2 3* unlocked 1 3 4* unlocked 1 4 7* unlocked 3 7
  10. I will increase that limit in the next version. It's a completely arbitrary UI limit from times we were mostly looking for ability patches, herba mystica and other rare items that won't ever go above 20-30. Once I push the change you will be able to download test build from here: https://github.com/MewTracker/sv-research/actions See 3.5.0 patch notes above. Distribution groups apply to 7 star raids as well. Changing seed and den type is mandatory but you still need correct den location. Most recent PKHeX has a button that propagates single den's seed and type to all other dens, so just use that and check a few dens in-game. You need to have shift button pressed while clicking the button to propagate the seed. Also double check if you injected BCAT data correctly. I wish we had a map with those den groups but I currently don't have time to do this.
  11. v3.6.0 Download: https://github.com/MewTracker/sv-research/releases/
  12. v3.5.0 Download: https://github.com/MewTracker/sv-research/releases/ This release is a major rework of event support. Besides speed improvements (optimizations for events are currently on the same level as for the base game) and bug fixes there's a new concept introduced that requires a bit of explanation. As you know Pokémon encounters depend on your game version, story progression and seed. However during events one more factor comes into play called distribution or event group. Each den location (area + spawn point ID) are assigned to a group. Event-only encounters are assigned to those groups. It matters to which den you are injecting your seed. Let's use Garchomp and Sylveon event as an example: Area 16, Spawn Point 2 will give you Sylveon only because it belongs to event group 1 Area 16, Spawn Point 5 will give you Garchomp only becase it belongs to event group 2 RaidCalc allows event group selection for events that have more than one group.
  13. v3.4.0 Download: https://github.com/MewTracker/sv-research/releases/ @Smol Cat I don't exactly understand what that bot would do exactly. What do you mean by "you sent the Pokémon of a den to a bot" and "checks the exact seed for the shiny". RaidCalc can find any seed you want based on rich set of search criteria but getting that Pokémon will require a hacked switch. Either you need to hack your console and inject a seed or someone else can do this and host a raid for you.
  14. v3.3.1 Download: https://github.com/MewTracker/sv-research/releases/
  15. v3.3.0 Download: https://github.com/MewTracker/sv-research/releases/
  16. v3.2.0 Download: https://github.com/MewTracker/sv-research/releases/ @Scottedontknow See previous pages of this topic for text guide.
  17. Hosting via local communication or via the Internet? Latter isn't possible because connecting to the Internet after event has finished refreshes your dens. I didn't try local option but it might be possible to host that.
  18. v3.1.0 Download: https://github.com/MewTracker/sv-research/releases/
  19. @Lludu I will add support for forms including pre-evolutions that will evolve into rare forms. I don't have much time lately but I should get it done around Greninja event. @Zeuswa I'm not sure what do you mean by adding seeds.
  20. To be honest I have no idea how numbers of Serebii were obtained. I looked up this raid and probability to get a spicy herba is 300/9900, that's around 3%. This is the probability of getting herba in a single roll. For 6* raids you get between 7 and 11 random rewards, so let's say average is 9.5 (disregaring sandwich boost and the fact that drop count distribution isn't exactly even). Chance you won't get a spicy herba is 100% - 3% = 97%. Chance we won't get a spicy herba in 9.5 rolls is 97% ^ 9.5 ~= 74.7%, so we gave 25.3% chance to get at least one. Considering simplifications made during this process I would say this theoretical value is close enough to your real life number.
  21. You mark all items you are interested in on your filter list. If raid drops any of those selected items, drop count for that raid is increased. "Min items sum" field decides minimum drop count to include on result list. For example let's use your seed 0000809A. Assume I checked all herbas on my filter list and "Min items sum" is 3. Raid drops one sweet and one salty herba, so drop count is 2. 2 >= 3 isn't satisfied so this seed will not be included in my results. However if I reduce the threshold to 2, 2 >= 2 is satisfied, so raid will appear on my list.
  22. RaidCalc v3.0.0 is out Event raids are now supported. Download: https://github.com/MewTracker/sv-research/releases/
  23. There's no particular reason, that's just standard behavior of that widget. Typically you would take a single seed and inject it, that's the default workflow. I can add export option though, it's a good feature to have.
  24. Not with RaidCalc. The core idea (at least for me) behind finding seeds is to inject them into the game, complete the raid and capture the Pokémon manually. This guarantees it's 100% legal, protecting you from possible bugs in tools such as PKHeX (less likely) and user errors (way more likely). This thread should help you if you want to generate Pokémon inside PKHeX. You can use RaidCalc for quick seed searches for the rarest species such as this Indeedee and TeraFinder plugin for generation:
  25. But my answer was specifically directed at @tzehner21 and his save file. Not available yet.
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