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  1. Are you using the newest update? Because all of them that are in the 1.3.2 update show up in the wild when you randomize if you have both Legendary and Event flags set to "True" under misc option. Or did you mean that you only want them to appear once? Assuming I read your comment right, no, there isn't an option to do that. You have to manually set the pokemon in the slots. Whether that is in the hidden or overworld.
  2. I saw your comment about BS and DS. He does it via hex editing. The only file that has any sort of difference is shop_data.bin file. So I am assuming the data was supposed to be pulled from the shop_data - Copy.bin file. Because that one contains all the changes made to the shop. I'll point out which lines were changed in case you want to find them in Hex editor. I'll also highlight the parts that are different. There is only one difference between the mod and the clean shop file dumps and that's with the shop_data.bin files. If you compare the 2 files only line 00002820 is changed Differences Original 02 00 00 1B 03 (end of the line) Edited to 02 00 00 1C 03 Even though I can tell you what lines were changed and where, I don't exactly know which lines pertain to what shop and items. They could be using a Ram reader to find out what to edit in the game. It'd be easier just to edit the bag contents at the start of the game to contain other items.
  3. I didn't see this ever fixed or any sort of work around besides doing everything manually. But, when randomizing moves within pknx, you can only use None, Random and metronome. Using High Power and Levelup results in an error where it cannot pull those moves. Does that list simply not exist within PKNX and that is the reason for said error? I only saw one other person bring up not being able to randomize with those options. But never got an answer. I don't mind doing things manually, but that is a pain in the ass to do for a ton of trainers when randomizing pokemon and it's not for a set challenge randomizer. Edit: It might simply just be a bug as I closed out and opened it a few times and on the 4th reopen it randomized with those 2 options.
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