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  1. Hey guys! I finally finished my video, which includes a look into the mew machines! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huiCsOIsHwg&list=PLbyXgDzUPi-feIgbPhYGCDgE9FLYIPT5E&index=12 Any support there is appreciated. Essentially, here is what I gathered from my conversation with Jeremy... There was no straight up Super Nintendo Super Gameboy (not to say the technology wasn't the same). He seems to think that the mew machines were unique hardware/software mashups and did not include an actual game cart inside. The port where you would insert your game into
  2. Super interesting! I have actually been looking for a way to print a faux certificate for my project but haven't found any info on cardstock or printing method, etc. That's cool! Yeah should be wrapped and posted Tuesday, I can update here as well :)
  3. Hey all! I didn't have time to read EVERYTHING above, but I wanted to weigh in on this exciting conversation! I am currently editing a video for our Pokemon Project on YouTube (EveryGameEver) and I recently had a long conversation with Nintendo rep Jeremy Hepworth on this topic! He agrees that there is not any sort of SGB/2 SNES inside. Rather, it is proprietary software with a modified GB link cable that distributes the Mew to your game if you have an empty party slot. The SNES controller was simple the joystick used for the machine. He said there was no cartridge
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