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  1. Sorry if this has already been fielded, but is there any reason why opening Sword 1.3.1 gets recognized and randomized as Shield? It even outputs as Shield's game ID for LayeredFS. I went and dumped Shield thinking "Oh, maybe they're opposite." Nope! It will only open either game as Shield. This is a notable issue in that if you randomize the Wild tab and LayeredFS it into Sword, it will not actually modify the wild Pokemon. I have a Twitch VOD of all wild Pokemon being vanilla while all gifts and statics are changed. Converting the save into Shield then loading the file properly loaded the randomized wild. I have the footage as a parallel record. I can do a supercut and upload if necessary. Examples: Sobble into Lombre Kubfu into Duraludon [Let's Go Data] Eevee into Lapras.
  2. @theSLAYER I had a 1.2.0 dump that refused to open the Pokemon Tab. It would throw an error similar to @Tricksta, and just die. I have since deleted it, since I have no reason to keep it. I just dumped 1.3.1 with a bit of jank due to disk space problems on my SD card, but that's an entirely different thing that I solved on my own. Everything opens as expected now, I can set the randomization to work on everything except Trainers. and I'm getting this error when hitting the Randomize button. Everything else opens and randomizes as expected. EDIT: Changed my attachment to show the full exceptions dialogue, sorry for the clutter.
  3. This is likely due to not having an updated dump. PKNX assumes you have 1.3.0, so if the ROMfs you're feeding it doesn't have it, it's gonna break. Took me a while to figure that out.
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