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  1. I downloaded the Pokefinder program but nothing happens when I press the Gen 3 button. I have a Macbook BigSur.
  2. Thank you for your response. So, I only messed with the PID, the stats, and the shiny button. Here is the Pokémon file if that's better. Sorry about the pictures. I am still working my way through how the forum works. But thanks for making me aware of my mistakes. I honestly appreciate it! 006 - CHARIZARD - D1208537E648.pk3
  3. Be patient, I am super green at this. Anyway, I got this shiny Charizard I looked on RNG to generate via Pkhex on my FireRed Rom. Specs: Timid, Shiny--IVs: 31//31/26/31/30/31 (I want this to be my starter not an egg) Whenever I put the data on Pkhex, it looks like the Pokemon is legal. However, when I try to set it on my party box, it's like the program uncheckes the shiny characteristic. RNG tells me it's a shiny Pokemon with literally the exact same specs. What do I do? Here is the screenshot from RNG with the data and the shiny mark (!!!) IMG_3271.HEIC Here is when I check for legality after putting all the specs in order and marking the shiny characteristic. IMG_3272.HEIC However, when I set up the Pokemon in my party box, Pkhex uncheckes the shiny characteristic. IMG_3273.HEIC You can see here all the stats are the same as the RNG report. HELP PLEASE!!! IMG_3274.HEIC
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