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  1. Oh yes I didn't expect them to be listed here too! I meant that they appear to be the same event (of sorts) as these ones. So no one contributed them back then, and by now it's not expected they'll turn up I assume... Thanks for clarifying Slayer!
  2. Hello! It seems that these Event Pokemon were indeed distributed again in Feb 2014. Bulbapedia has them listed although with (perhaps?) incorrect information, because they refer to them as 'Local wireless Distributions' and not Trade Distributions: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_local_event_Pokémon_distributions_in_Generation_VI#Pok.C3.A9mon_Center_Pok.C3.A9mon However, and despite them having different OTs and TIDs, I haven't found in the DB any WCs (simulated or actual) for these 2 Event Pokemon. Is this by design? Or have these 2 specific events fallen through the cracks of time and were maybe missed when the Gen 6 Event DB here was compiled? Am just asking because I'm missing both these ones above and the other 2 on that bulbapedia link in my collection and was hoping to inject and RNG the WCs on my game to complete it! Cheers
  3. Hello! Not sure if it's an oversight, or intended behaviour on this WC, but I never had this happen to me when importing any before into PKHeX: It threw me a pop-up window saying that the WC data shows 'used' and prompted me if I wanted to remove said flag to be able to pick up this Pokemon, which I did; and which I assume is perfectly fine? Thanks!
  4. I'm doing a bunch of Event RNGs rn as I've just learned how to recently, so I'll be on the look out for any that have a bigger than 6 character OT
  5. Oh that makes sense since dumping via sysbot is essentially a trade for all intents and purposes.. It seems that there are now more event Pokemon with the risk of being ruined by GF’s ‘self-hack’ bugs You’re welcome, and thank you for that last confirmation too! Cheers!
  6. Ok so it appears the mystery has been solved! I tested by sending various pokemon (including the actual untouched Rayquaza) from Bank to HOME. I edited a few shiinotics to be KOR lang tag and gave them an OT with KOR 7 characters (limit is 6) consisting of 7 Korean characters, 6+ a number and 6+ a latin letter, and pkhex promptly flagged the OTs like you showed @theSLAYER ! To my surprise though, none had their OTs changed by HOME upon arriving there I then went to ask the person I traded the Rayquaza what exactly did he do (if had he traded it via Home specifically), and they told me that they re-checked and the quaza has in fact got its original OT in his game; the pk8 he saw in his pkhex was obtained via dumping through a sysbot, as he has no direct means of save manip in gen 8. This then explains the issue, it's the sysbot who altered the OT, prob because of the exact reason we were discussing here (OT too long for KOR?)! Cheers!
  7. Oh! I hadn’t thought about that! I keep forgetting that asian languages have shorter character limits. Maybe this wasn’t checked for in gens 6&7, making events such as these ‘escape’ trading unscathed, while HOME does! I do have access to bank and 3DS save manipulation so I can indeed test it; just gotta find other JPN/KOR events with too long OTs! If I can’t find any I’ll just do it with a random poke, make its name too long for the respective lang tag and see if it’s affected too. I’ll also transfer one of those affected by trades in gen 7 (that still has its OT intact) and see if it too gets altered by HOMe while I’m at it! I’ll report my findings tomorrow after I’ve done it. Thanks @theSLAYER! Cheers!
  8. I did in my second post, I confirmed that it is indeed KOR language (name) with KOR tag, so the Tag language vs OT language shouldn't be an issue here This is what I proposed earlier, that it could be an issue with the numbers vs KOR characters in the OT, but that wouldn't explain why the OT remains intact through trading in Gens 6 & 7 when other events had theirs changed for having 'illegal' characters on their Event OT too Yes I'm familiar with both of those findings by Anubis as I frequent a few discords she does too and have a chat with her once in a while; but even there the OT change happens when trading via HOME, this was not the case here, the Rayquaza wasn't traded, it had simply arrived from Bank and was sent to SwSh so this seems like yet another (new?) bug If you'd like I could share the pk7 file of it with you np, so you could take a look at it yourself and run some tests if you want! Cheers!
  9. Wow lot's of information all of a sudden! Unfortunately I don't remember who traded this Rayquaza to me @ICanSnake, but I can confirm that the proof link you shared for yours is the exact same I have for mine! I'm still green on legality checking as this is all new to me so I might be wrong, but it's my understanding that just like any other Pokemon in the game, Mystery Gifts and Events roll a random PID (within the specifications of the WC for shiny locked, IV locked etc) and EC, so the fact that your Rayquaza has the exact same values as mine makes it seem like they are in fact the same Pokemon/file.. If my assumptions are incorrect and PID/EC is locked and set though, then could it be that yours is a case of passing off proof of a different Pokemon that was actually redeemed, for the one you were traded, as @theSLAYER mentioned.. The fact that you know the redeemer and obtained the Rayquaza from the person they redeemed it for or makes it more weird.. But since you say that they had a history of trading self hacked events it could very much be that they redeemed a Rayquaza at the event but traded a genned/incorrectly injected (including theSlayer's suggested method above) one and passed the proof off as there's no sure way to tie it to the actual Pokemon unfortunately . Why would they do that though? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Nevertheless, I didn't mind the hijack, but the issue I raised is in fact that of HOME changing this Rayquaza's OT when transferred and if this is 'normal' behavior, and if more (and which?) events might be affected by this same issue? If you have access to your Gen 8 saves, could I ask that you transfer a copy of your Rayquaza up to Home and SwSh and check to see if it suffers the same bug ICanSnake? I might just inject one with the WC here and after checking all is ok in pkhex, transfer it up and see if it changes the OT as well. If there are conflicting results there and no change happens, it might mean both our Quaza's are haccs Also not sure if relevant but here's the pertinent screenshot from my Quaza @theSLAYER Cheers!
  10. Hey theSlayer! It is actually KOR tag and name as shown by this other screenshot of it in pkhex: I think maybe the fact that this OT has numbers mixed with Korean characters is what 'bugged' and made HOME change it's OT? I have no idea what the changed OT means as I can't read Korean but I assume it's 'HOME.', in the same way other events were changed to 'Sun.' and etc because of 'wrong' characters being used in the Ula'Ula, XY&Z, etc OTs. Now why this only happened when transferring form Bank to Home and not when trading & depositing between gen 6 & 7 games and Bank is what's got me puzzled.. Are there other documented cases like this happening exclusively when transferring from Bank to Home that you or someone else is aware of? Cheers!
  11. Hello everyone! New user here and first post, so sorry if it's in the wrong section! Not sure if anyone else is aware of this or if it has been address here, but today I found out that HOME changes the OT of this particular event, much like trading certain events would make their name change to Sun & Moon back in gen 7. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_local_event_Pokémon_distributions_in_Generation_VI#Pok.C3.A9mon_Spring_Carnival_2015_Rayquaza Attached are 2 snapshots of PKHeX, 1 depicting the Rayquaza in a Gen 7 save, and the other in a Gen 8 save after transferring through HOME. As you can see in Gen 7 it checks out, no flags at all; Upon transferring to HOME and then SwSh, you can see the OT was changed, and PKHeX now flags it as illegal, curiously so because it doesn't flag everything it usually does for these cases (all moves and fateful encounter usually flag as illegal/Mystery Gift not in DB), but instead iy only flags the 3rd move, in this case Thunder, and so it renders it illegal as it claims to not have any matching Event in the MystGift DB. If there is a compilation thread of sorts for these cases (like there is one for those affected by the gen 7 trading issue) and this Event is not on there, I'd appreciate it if someone let's me know so I can post there to add this one to the list! Thank you
  12. I see, very interesting that there are all these exceptions and conditions on quite a few events/WCs Anyways thank you very much for clarifying this! I’m glad that this can in fact be redeemed on a EUR 3DS, even if limited to an ENG tag :D Cheers!
  13. Hello! Can this event really only be redeemed on JPN 3DS'? According to bulbapedia this very same Volcanion (same OT & TID) was distributed on 3 occasions in 2016 and 2017; and in each of them the 3DS regions it was redeemable on were different. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Japanese_region_serial_code_event_Pokémon_distributions_in_Generation_VI#East_Asian_Nebel_Volcanion Unfortunately I couldn't find any other WCs on the database that pertained to those other 2 distributions, so I'm left to wonder, is Bulbapedia's info wrong? Or are there WCs missing here pertaining to the other 2 distributions? Or is the WC the same for all and this one can be in fact used to redeem this volcanion legally on EUR & TWN 3DS' besides JPN ones? Thank you!
  14. Oh, it seems that PKHeX isn't aware that the event can be either gender then! As it flagged illegal and the only thing different about it from the WC here is that its Male xD Thank you!
  15. Hello, has it been confirmed that this Pumpkaboo could only be Female? I happened to have been traded one some time ago that is male and even came with video redeem proof. Plus pkhex doesn't show anything wrong with it at all except for gender (when compared to this WC listing). I even annexed my pumpkaboo's pk7 file should anyone care to check it. Thank you! 710-03 - Pumpkaboo - 61C17ED07FE4.pk7
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