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GEN 7 - Compilation of Events that change OT when Traded


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Hello all!

In case you are unaware, it appears that if you have invalid (or even mixed character sets) in your OT,
traded Pokemon of such OT will experience an OT change.

Such Pokemon of Gen 6 will change to language variations of "Sun." (with the period), based on it's language tag,
and Pokemon received in Gen 7 can be "Sun." or "Moon."

Example of the change:


mew name change.png

List of known cases:

  Games Pokemon OT (Assumed) Reason
xerneas.png ORAS Korean Shiny Xerneas XY&Z " & " Character not in selection
yveltal.png ORAS Korean Shiny Yveltal XY&Z " & " Character not in selection
zygarde.png ORAS Korean Zygarde (WC ID 1062) XY&Z " & " Character not in selection
zygarde.png ORAS Korean Zygarde (WC ID 1064) XY&Z " & " Character not in selection
gardevoir.png XYORAS Korean Anime Gardevoir XY&Z " & " Character not in selection
gengar.png XYORAS Korean Anime Gengar XY&Z " & " Character not in selection
tyranitar.png XYORAS Korean Anime Tyranitar XY&Z " & " Character not in selection
mawile.png XYORAS Korean Anime Mawile XY&Z " & " Character not in selection
rayquaza.png XYORAS Singapore Summer '15 Shiny Rayquaza SG Summer'15 " ' " Character not in selection
pikachu.png ORAS Japanese P-Cafe Pikachu P-Cafe " P- " & " fe " and " Ca ",
are different character sets.
mew.png SM Original Rally Mew 20TH☆ " " Character not in selection
tapu-bulu.png USUM English Shiny Tapu Bulu Ula'ula " ' " Character not in selection

Japanese XY&Z events aren't affected, despite " " isn't a valid character. (different from & used by the Korean XY&Z)
Singapore's P-Cafe Pikachu, because the " P-Cafe " are all valid latin characters.

Do report events that are affected, and I'll add it to the list.


source: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemontrades/comments/67to6d/ots_can_change_to_sun_in_sunmoon/?st=j4zhc4wm&sh=d2920b7f


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