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  1. Hello I'm new here so sorry if this was already explained. I have all the sprites and animations using the PPMD GfxCrunch tool in the pmd_monster file, but I can't find any documentation on how to read the XML file. I would like to use the animations.xml file as a base for the sheet.png to make GIFs, but I'm not sure how to interpret the data after phasing in into Java. the closest to documentation I have: //FrameWidth, FrameHeight //image size. //AnimGroupTable //AnimSequenceIndex //points to AnimSequenceTable //AnimSequenceTable //AnimGroup //AnimSequence // has a list of frames, and points in the animation that designate when the Pokemon lunges forward, hits, and retreats back (walking and idle animations, etc don't need to worry about this). All duration values are in frames (1/60 a sec). //RushPoint,HitPoint, ReturnPoint //the 3 points the pokemon moves beetween when attacking //AnimFrame //Duration //how many times to loop the animation? //MetaFrameGroupIndex //Sprite //XOffset //YOffset //HFlip //miorrs the sprite //Shadow //draws the shadow sprite under the pokemon Thank you to any help.
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