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  1. Using IVs to PID search, select your desired nature and write the CHANNEL's TID. At the end column you can see the corresponding SID. And if it gets flagged as illegal, try changing OT gender.
  2. SID is always different for Jirachi afaik. This is the closest I could get, some things are different but it's legal: 385 - JIRACHI - 2B0987082187.pk4
  3. A Docile Jirachi with 31/12/24/27/13/3 IVs is not possible with CHANNEL method (at least in my testing). I found Impish, Modest, Adamant, Quiet, Lax, Gentle and Calm. If you care about it being legit you're better off getting a new one.
  4. jacksonf

    Xd/ colosseum

    Happens to me too, looks like the issue is with .gci format itself as it doesn't work with Pokemon Box saves either.
  5. The size is right but the save is mostly filled with 00 (it's a bad dump). I'm not an expert but try cleaning the cartridge, the slot, try another dumping app or method.
  6. I had the same issue. There's an unknown (undocumented?) Event Constant changed by any flag you steal and is not triggered by just editing the amount you captured. I tried by my own means and it may be 74, 77 or 182 but I didn't know which value to put and whatever I tried failed (it may be caused because it records the trainer name and ID of the people you steal, so is not a 0; 1 or total amount variable). Cheat codes didn't work either, as they only change the amount of captures without changing the event constant/flag, so you get the same result (Platinum flag without Trainer Card star). This may not be the answer you want, but I ended up using my save file on both sides and stole one flag after putting 50 captures on PkHeX.
  7. I think you can use EKHeX (a fork of an older version of PKHeX for Emerald Kaizo) on vanilla saves. There you can set statuses to your mons. It may end up being extremely annoying but you can poison them and move around until they're at 1HP and get rid of the status.
  8. Latest version (210401) is flagging one of my Colosseum starters (Espeon) as illegal with "Invalid: Unable to match an encounter from origin game". I got them using PokeFinder. I don't know why, but Espeon's PID is being read as coming from a different seed, when it should be the same. You can check that they're seven frames apart as it should inside the seed being read from Umbreon. If you make a PID to IV search in PokeFinder, they show at different seeds. Espeon is showing the same as PKHeX, but Umbreon is different. If I search the seed C591894E with the IVs I used for Umbreon, the same PIDs are 7 frames apart as they should again (this seed is never shown in PKHeX): I don't remember this happening with previous version of PKHeX but I can't find it anywhere. Here are the mons: 196 - ESPEON - 36C8B67CC615.ck3 197 - UMBREON - B11A222B1D5F.ck3
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